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Advance Auto Coupons $50 Off $125 Code Still Working?

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Advance Auto Parts is like your car’s best friend online! is a one-stop shop for all things automotive, offering a wide range of top-notch parts, accessories, and maintenance products. They’re known for quality, affordability, and friendly service, making car maintenance and upgrades a breeze.

Looking for an Advance Auto $50 off coupon? While they used to offer a popular $50 off $125 coupon online and in-store, it’s very rare nowadays.

Here’s today’s best offer plus what you should know about the $50 off $125 code.

1. $50 Off? Best Coupons Now:

It looks like the $50 off $125 code is currently not available, and hasn’t been for some time now. Here’s their best online coupons today:

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Online: 17% Off
1. Get 15-17% off plus get free shipping with $35 minimum order, online...Show More
1. Get 15-17% off plus get free shipping with $35 minimum order, online only. $50 max discount. Click for promo code & visit Show Less
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$5 Off $20+
3. With free SpeedPerks rewards signup. Any order including batteries and...Show More
3. With free SpeedPerks rewards signup. Any order including batteries and oil! Signup for Advance Auto's free rewards program and get a $5 coupon to use now. Learn more at Show Less
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On-Site Coupons
4. Check today's deals and promo codes at
4. Check today's deals and promo codes at Show Less

You’ll find all of our coupons for Advance Auto Parts listed here. Here’s how the $50 off $125 coupon works when available.

2. Is $50 Off $125+ Still Available?

If you’ve been shopping online at for years then you might remember the seemingly-impossible $50 off $125 coupons they used to offer including code 50off125aap.

advance auto coupons 50 off 125

I was always amazed because they were clearly losing a lot of money on the coupon. I can only assume they ran the promotion to attract new customers and hope that they became repeat customers.

Well, it seems like they were tired of losing money every time someone used the $50 off $125 code because I haven’t seen a new one issued for over a year now.

$50 off $125 on Reddit? You’ll find $50 off codes posted on sites like Reddit, but check the date they were posted. No $50 off $125 codes have been posted in a couple of years, so either they are expired or just clickbait.

Even though the code was incredible, your order may not have qualified anyway. Here’s why:

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3. About the $50 Off $125 Advance Auto Coupon:

Imagine you’re in need of some automotive parts or accessories for your vehicle, and you happen to have a $50 off $125 coupon for Advance Auto Parts. Well, using that coupon can be a fantastic decision for several reasons.

Firstly, saving money is always a good idea! By applying that $50 discount to your $125 minimum purchase, you’re instantly reducing your expenses. It’s like putting an extra $50 back into your wallet, which can be used for other important things or simply for a little treat for yourself.

Secondly, Advance Auto Parts is known for offering a wide range of high-quality automotive products. Whether you need new brake pads, oil filters, windshield wipers, or even a new battery, they’ve got you covered. So, using your $50 coupon means you can get the top-notch parts and accessories your vehicle deserves without breaking the bank.

Additionally, maintaining your vehicle is essential for its longevity and performance. By using your coupon, you’re making car maintenance more affordable, which can save you from more significant repair costs down the road. Regular upkeep can also improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and safety. So, you could look at that $50 coupon as an investment instead of an expense, even though they did have some caveats.

4. The $50 Off Codes Were Fickle:

The Advance Auto $50 off $125 code was for new customers only and had more conditions and restrictions than other codes. The codes often only worked towards specific brands or parts and had product exclusions including brakes and batteries.

Oh, well. Even if you were lucky enough to find a $50 off code, it looks like it may not have worked anyway.

Remember, the Advance Auto $50 off $125 coupons are not available onsite at the Advance Auto Parts coupon page and can only be found on automotive or coupon sites like this one!

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