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Byte Total Cost? Aligners, Monthly Payments (New) • 2023

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Byte has become one of the leading names in invisible teeth aligners and can save you thousands of dollars compared to using Invisalign or visiting an orthodontist.

So, how much do Byte clear aligners cost?

That depends on which payment option you choose plus whether you choose their All-Day System or prefer to wear the aligners only at night. Your insurance company may also cover part of the cost.

Here’s exactly how much Byte costs now, plus how to get the best price:

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$14.95 Kit + $200 Off
1. $95$14.95 impression kit + $200 discount on Byte impression kit...Show More
1. $95$14.95 impression kit + $200 discount on Byte impression kit & aligners with discount code. Best deal! View promotion: Show Less

Byte: Total Cost | Retainer Cost | How to Save | Worth the Money?

Byte Total Cost + Payment Options:

Byte starts with the purchase of an impression kit for $95 $14.95 or less when you use a coupon.

You’ll then have the choice between their all-day or all-night aligner system which you can pay upfront in full or in 29 monthly installments with their bytepay™ payment plan.

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Here are the 2 payment options for Byte aligners with the total cost without insurance:

  1. Byte All-DAY Aligner System: One-time payment of $1999* or finance for $249 down + 36 monthly payments of $70 totaling $2,750
  2. Byte All-NIGHT Aligner System: One-time payment of $2399* or finance for $299 down + 36 monthly payments of $84 totaling $3,301

Tip: As you can see, paying in full or choosing 3-6 monthly payments is more economical if you can afford to do so. Not only does paying upfront save you $400 versus bytepay™ monthly installments, but you can also use a $200 off coupon for a total savings of $500+!

Byte Retainer Cost?

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Both payment options both include BrightByte teeth whitener plus your first set of retainers to keep your teeth from shifting after your treatment is complete.

Additional Byte retainers after treatment cost $129 each.

How to Save on the Cost of Byte:

Choosing to pay in full or with Splitit isn’t the only way to save on the cost of Byte. In fact, you can save an extra $100 on aligners when you use their featured coupon. (*Coupons do not work with bytepay™)

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Check with your insurance company to see if they cover some or all of the cost of Byte. You can also use FSA dollars towards the expense of Byte.

Byte also has special lower pricing for students, the military, and first responders.

Is Byte Worth It?

Invisible braces and aligners are never cheap. However, companies like Byte can save you a lot of money when compared with traditional orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign which costs $3000-5000. (source)

I don’t believe that in all cases Byte can completely replace the in-person experience and quality of a treatment like Invisalign which is conducted by a dentist or orthodontist.

My conclusion: If you can afford the price of in-person orthodontics, in-person is probably a superior experience. However, if you can pay in full for Byte, it’s literally half the cost of traditional clear aligners!

If you are considering Byte (aka “Byte Me“) know that the cheapest way to sign up is to choose to pay in full and use their featured discount.

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