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Consumer Reports: Commercial Diet Ratings (By Readers)

Readers Digest Diet Reviews: Readers Digest is a great, honest resource for reviews on just about everything including diets. Readers Digest asked their readers to rate the most popular commercial diets, and here’s how they faired:

Consumer Reports Diet Ratings:

Commercial Diet Ratings – Our Take:

So, it’s no surprise that Weight Watchers takes the top spot in a poll of Consumer Reports’ readers, but the other ratings have me a bit confused. I can’t find any other credible sources that rate Medifast so highly, and Nutrisystem so poorly.

Because of the inconsistencies with other credible diet reviews online, I have to think that maybe this is a small sampling of users.

In any event, you can lean more about these diets below:

Are the Consumer Reports Ratings Fair?

You can read more about these diets at, but unfortunately you have to be a member. For most areas Consumer Reports is a wellspring of valuable reviews, but not so much with diets.

Personally, I think their diet ratings & reviews are a little off, but let us know what you think below!

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