3 Easy Canvas Prints FREE Shipping, Promo Codes • 2021

easy canvas prints coupon

Easy Canvas Prints of Austin, Texas, has taken the web by storm, racking up hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Owned by Vistaprint, they offer gorgeous, high-quality canvas prints in 11×14, 16×20, 18×24, and 24×36 at cheap prices. However, don’t ever pay retail for their canvas prints and optional framing.

Every month EasyCanvasPrints.com announces a featured offer available for up to a 93% discount or free shipping. Most of the time you don’t even need a promotional code, as the savings are applied as soon as you click an offer and go to their site. Here are today’s best Easy Canvas promo codes and coupons, how to get a free 11×14 canvas, plus why you should skip the free shipping codes:

Easy Canvas Prints: Best Deals Now | Free Shipping? | Free 11×14 canvasHow to Use Codes

Best Coupons, Flash Sales, Promo Codes (Free Shipping?):

easy canvas banner 93 off sale
easy canvas prints coupon
Easy Canvas Prints: 93% Off
3. Canvas size up to 24x36". Get promo code and view pricing:
3. Canvas size up to 24x36". Get promo code and view pricing: Show Less
easy canvas prints coupon
16x20 Canvas: 86% Off
4. ($21.89) Most popular size. Only $21.89 + shipping. Apply coupon and view discount...Show More
4. ($21.89) Most popular size. Only $21.89 + shipping. Apply coupon and view discount pricing: Show Less
easy canvas prints coupon
18x24 Canvas: 86% Off
5. ($25.44) Best deal for this Easy Canvas Prints size. No promo code needed. Apply...Show More
5. ($25.44) Best deal for this Easy Canvas Prints size. No promo code needed. Apply discount: Show Less
easy canvas prints coupon
Free Shipping + 50% Off
6. This free shipping code is usually NOT as good as the 93% off sale. Get promo code:
6. This free shipping code is usually NOT as good as the 93% off sale. Get promo code: Show Less

*Our featured coupon includes a free “shipping upgrade” to RUSH shipping speed!

Why Skip the “Free Shipping” Coupons?

Does Easy Canvas Prints offer free shipping? Easy Canvas Prints has pretty expensive shipping costs, so a lot of people look for free shipping codes. However, if you find one, don’t use it!

So, why on earth wouldn’t you use an Easy Canvas Prints free shipping code?

Because when you get free shipping, the canvas prices go up! Here’s proof:

easy canvas prints free shipping

You see, when they give you free shipping they raise their prices. In this case, the same 16×20″ canvas cost $17 more. Since shipping cost $12, that means the free shipping coupon made my order more expensive!

In this case, the canvas price went up $18 but I only saved $14 with free shipping:

easy canvas prints free shipping code

So, if you do have a free shipping coupon, you might be better off not using it! Or, at least compare it against the featured coupon at checkout.

Can I get free shipping with no minimum? Yes, there is a coupon for free shipping on any order at Easy Canvas Prints, but it significantly increases the price of the canvas!

Free 11×14 Canvas!

As you can see, choosing Economy shipping at checkout also qualifies you for a free 11×14″ canvas with your next order. After choosing Economy Shipping and placing your order, you’ll get an email with a promo code like this:

easy canvas free canvas promo code

Just click to redeem, and the promo code will be applied when you arrive at EasyCanvasPrints.com like this:

easy canvas free 11x14 canvas

Wow, that’s pretty sweet! Obviously you can’t get free shipping with the free canvas promo, but it’s still a great deal! In fact, it’s the only sale better than 93% off! Get started

How Easy Canvas Prints Coupons Work:

easy canvas prints sale 93

The best Easy Canvas Prints discounts usually come from an advertised sale, and the discount is applied simply by clicking a promotional link or banner. However, it can be a little confusing, as sometimes it’s not clear that a coupon has been applied.

For example, when you click our featured offer above, you’ll be taken to a page on Easy Canvas where the new, discounted pricing will be applied. You’ll be asked to select a canvas size, and you’ll see an inconspicuous message stating, “Promo Code Applied!” like this:

easy canvas prints promo code

You’ll also notice that the regular prices are all crossed out, and the new, discounted prices are shown like this:

easy canvas discount applied

That’s it! Simple, right?

Also, if you have found or been issued a promo code, let’s talk about how to use it.

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How to Use an Easy Canvas Promo Code:

Where do I enter a promotion code? As mentioned, most of the best discounts and coupons for Easy Canvas Prints don’t require entering a promotion code. In fact, you may notice that entering a promo code may actually raise the price of your order!

In any event, if you do have one promotional code, here’s where to enter it:

easy canvas promo code enter
  1. Design your canvas, then click the shopping cart to view your subtotal
  2. Scroll down and you’ll see a text link that says, Have a promo code? (see below)
  3. A text field will open to enter a code
  4. If the code is valid, the discount itemized under the subtotal

Enjoy your savings!

Tip: Before completing your purchase, make sure that the discount code yields a better discount than this month’s featured offer.

*Need canvas design inspiration? Check out there idea gallery here.

Flash Sales: Up to 93% Off!

Easy Canvas also has the occasional “Flash Sale,” especially around holidays. Check their Facebook page for savings of up to 93% on canvas!

easy canvas prints flash sale


As you can see, our featured coupon should get you the best deal on your order at easycanvasprints.com. That means that while a free shipping coupon code is very tempting, it will likely not save you as much as the featured offer; in this case for up to a 93% discount!

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