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Jenny Craig Pricing: New Cost Per Day, Week, Month (Worth It?) 2020

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Jenny Craig has been a popular meal delivery diet with personal coaching for years. However, their pricing has always been confusing. You used to have to buy a membership and then pay for food a la carte, so you never really knew how much it would cost per month at signup!

Thankfully Jenny Craig (coupons) has streamlined their program into 3 new plan options that include membership and food for $12.99-22.49 per day. The Complete Plan adds personal coaching and snacks but is the most expensive of the 3 plans. Here’s what you get with each plan and how much it costs with their current promotion for up to 10% off.

Jenny Craig Cost?

When you go to the “Pricing” section of you’ll see plan options with only the price per day. Here’s the cost per day, week, and month with their new promotional pricing:

Jenny Craig PRICING Per Day, Week, Month, Year:

 Per DayPer WeekPer Month

Since you eat 5 times per day on Jenny Craig, the cost averages out to about $6 per meal and $1 per snack.

How much is a year of Jenny Craig? If you were to stay on Jenny Craig for a full 12-months, the cost would be $4741-8209 for the entire year! Of course, Jenny Craig replaces most of the food you are spending money on now, so it’s not fair to say this is an “additional” expense for your annual budget.

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How much does Shipping Cost? Delivery is free on all plans except Simple which costs $5.99 per week for shipping. However, if you choose to pay for 2 weeks of the Simple Plan at once shipping is free.

A la carte food cost:

You can also add additional snacks and desserts at checkout for a cost of about $16 per box:

jenny craig food price la carte

Add the Cost of Groceries:

If you choose the Complete plan, most all of your weekly meals and snacks are included. However, in estimating the total cost of being on Jenny Craig, don’t forget to add the cost of some groceries including fresh fruit and veggies. There is no exact cost of how much supplemental food costs, but I would estimate the expense to be at least $5 per day depending on what you choose to buy.


How much does Jenny Craig cost per week? 🤔

There are 3 plan options costing $13 to $21.26 per day. View pricing

Is there a coupon for Jenny Craig?

Yes, new customers can usually save $20 with coupon code GIFT20!

Is Jenny Craig expensive?

Yes, Jenny Craig is relatively expensive, but the food is highly rated and the Complete plan includes personal coaching which is a valuable addition.

Is Jenny Craig Worth It?

When it comes to meal delivery diets, Jenny Craig is relatively expensive. In fact, their Complete plan (with coaching) costs more than Medifast and nearly twice as much as the entry-level plans from South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem.

However, the food is rated very highly (#2 commercial diet according to U.S. News) and data has shown coaching to greatly improve weight loss results. So, I would say that Jenny Craig is expensive, but consider it the Cadillac of meal delivery. It’s just a better program than the economy meal delivery diet plans that cost much less, and the optional personal coaching is a valuable asset.

So, I would say the Jenny Craig program is worth it if it’s in your budget and fits your lifestyle. If you’re thinking of joining, you can learn more about the program and see Jenny Craig’s featured promotion here!

Cheaper Diet than Jenny Craig? One way to avoid the big monthly expense of meal-delivery diets like Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet, and Nutrisystem is to use an app-based diet. If you are looking for a top-rated inexpensive DIY diet (that doesn’t include food) I highly recommend Noom Coach and WW (Weight Watchers)!

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