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Noom Cost? Price Per Month + 2021 Payment Options (New!)

Noom is a hot weight loss app that has been called “WW for millennials.” Of course, Noom would argue that they are much more than that. Developed by behavioral psychologists, Noom aims to create behavioral change for sustainable long-term weight loss. A key component of their wellness app is the role of personal coaching to keep you on track and motivated.

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While Noom has revolutionized the entire diet industry. However, one thing they come up short on is the clarity of subscription pricing. In fact, after clicking around Noom’s website it’s not immediately clear what the monthly fees are or exactly how billing works.

Here’s how much Noom costs plus whether we think it’s really worth the money.

Noom: Cost Per Month | Cost Per Year | Worth It?

Noom Cost Per Month + Billing Options

When you signup for Noom you will start with a 7-14 day trial period, after which you’ll have several billing options. The cost per month decreases with a longer commitment.

After the initial trial period ends, Noom bills you in one of 2 ways depending on which promotion is running in your region:

  1. $149 for 5 months costing $29.80 per month or $0.98 per day.
  2. $129 for 3 months costing $43 per month or $1.41 per day

Here are the billing options with cost per month, updated for 2021. (*All subscriptions are auto-recurring until you cancel)

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  • 1 month (monthly): $59
  • 2 months: $99 ($49.50 per month)
  • 3 months: $129 ($43 per month)*
  • 4 months: $139 ($34.75 per month)
  • 5 months: $149 ($29.80 per month)*
  • 6 months: $159 ($26.50 per month)
  • 12 months: (Annual) $199 ($16.58 per month)
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Tip: You can change your billing preferences under Account Options.

As you can see, commitment has its advantages when it comes to the actual cost per month. However, keep in mind that with the lower monthly price comes a longer commitment!

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Noom Cost Per Year:

Here’s a comparison of how much your first 12 months of Noom will cost on aveerage based on your billing frequency choice. As you can see, a longer commitment drops the price per year significantly but is less flexible if you’d like to cancel.

  • Monthly billing: $708 per year
  • 2 months: $594 per year
  • 3 months: $516 per year
  • 4 months: $417 per year
  • 5 months: $149: $357.60 per year
  • 6 months: $318 per year
  • 12 months: $199 per year (Annual billing)

As you can see, paying upfront for a year of Noom saves a ton of money! However, if you want to quit Noom after a few months, cancellation of the 12-month plan will be more expensive than a shorter billing plan!

So, with all this talk about pricing, let’s ask an even more important question: is Noom worth the money?

Which Noom Subscription Billing Option is Best?

The longer your commitment to Noom, the lower the price per month. However, when you choose a billing option you lock-in monthly pricing and are committed to Noom until the next billing date.

So, for example, if you choose the annual (every 12-month) billing option because it’s cheapest per month, know that it’s also the longest commitment. Once you pay for a billing period, you are committing to that length of time, and you can’t quit and get a prorated refund.

If you are incredibly excited about Noom and are convinced you that this is the app you want to be on for 6+ months, then I would recommend the 12-month commitment because of the lower cost per month.

Can you pay for Noom monthly? Yes, you can choose a monthly billing option but it will cost you about $16 more per month for that convenience.

However, if you like flexibility and don’t want to go overboard on commitment, I would recommend the popular 3-5 month billing options. However, you’ll pay more for a shorter commitment. How much more will you pay? It’s actually quite a significant cost difference over a year!

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Is Noom Worth It?

The value of any wellness or weight loss program should ultimately be assessed worth on two criteria:

  1. Relative Value: What is included for your money, and is that a fair price relative to competitors?
  2. Return on Investment: If the program works for you, how much are those positive benefits worth?

As far as relative value, Noom is most like the WW 1-on-1 Coaching Plan. Both programs include valuable tools, resources, community, and the support of a personal coach.

However, when the initial promotional period ends, WW Coaching is significantly more expensive than Noom. In fact, if you choose to be billed every 5 months, Noom costs about half the price, making it look like a good value.

More important in deciding how much Noom is worth is the return on your investment. A Nature Research Research study concluded that Noom worked for 78% of participants, but does Noom fit YOUR lifestyle?

If you believe that it will, then at less than $50 per month, I think the benefits of using Noom for the goal of sustainable weight loss will be a very good investment in your health.


No single wellness program or diet plan is best for everyone. A diet only has value if it works for you and produces sustainable weight loss results from positive behavioral change.

That’s exactly what Noom seeks to provide at only about $30 per month. So if you believe Noom fits your lifestyle, it’s probably a good investment in your health. Personally, I spend a lot more than than every month on coffee!

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Anyway, if you do join Noom, I hope you’re happy with the app! Thanks for supporting Black Alliance.