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Noom Cost: Sign Up Fee + Price Per Month (Worth It?) • 2020

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Have you tried to find pricing information on You probably weren’t successful, as Noom requires that you signup with your email address before they reveal their cost and monthly fees. Here are 3 things you must know about the cost of Noom.

Noom Cost: Signup Fee | Monthly Price | Worth it? | Free Trial

1. Sign Up Fee:

*Update: We now have an exclusive offer for a 14-day FREE trial this month!

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Signing up for Noom starts with a free evaluation on Upon completion, you’ll be presented with an offer to start a 7-14 day trial. While it’s not free, they ask you to just, “pay what you think is fair.”

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Obviously everyone chooses to pay $1 to join! (Why pay more?) After you choose the $1 price option, click, “see my plan,” and Noom will send you an email with a link to get started. Click the link, and you’ll be taken to a checkout screen like this:

noom $1 signup fee

While you’ll initially pay only $1+ to join, you’ll be billed after the trial period ends. Here’s more about that:

2. Cost Per Month:

Thinking of sticking with Noom after trial ends? Here’s how subscription pricing works: (updated for 2020)

noom subscription prices

Noom costs $1 for the first 14 days. If you choose to continue after the trial period, you will automatically be billed $129 for the first four months on the 15th day. You will then be billed $129 every four months thereafter until you cancel. However, if you prefer less of a commitment, you can elect to pay monthly at $59 per month.

For their popular quarterly billing option, the cost of Noom breaks down to:

  • $1.10 per day
  • $7.70 per week
  • $32.35 per month
  • $387 per year

If you wish to cancel Noom, do so before the next 4-month billing period begins, or your credit card will be billed on the first day of the next period.

3. Is Noom Worth the Cost?

So, is Noom really worth it? Data shows us that most people don’t achieve their weight loss goals without a plan that includes structure, motivation, and accountability.

In deciding whether Noom is worth the investment of $32+ per month, first think about the value of personal coaching and support. These are real professionals, and they are there to guide you through your weight loss journey one small step at a time.

However, If you are part of the minority who enjoys “going it alone,” you can consider highly-rated WW which also costs less.

If you do believe that Noom’s coaching and support adds significant value, then I recommend that you run it by your doctor and give Noom a shot. You can look for a discount code, or start with their free evaluation and 14-day trial.

If you do try Noom out, good luck, and thanks for stopping by WonkyPie!

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