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3 Best Noom Promo Codes, Coupons (90% Off?) • 2024

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If you haven’t noticed, the Noom wellness app is surging in popularity. In fact, they have big names like WW on their heels and scrambling to keep.

Why? Because Noom goes way beyond “dieting” by incorporating coaching and positive behavioral change to promote healthy habits that should last a lifetime. They also now have an app called Noom Mood for stress reduction.

If you are thinking of signing up for Noom, don’t waste your time looking for discount codes, as they don’t work. Here’s how to get the best deal when you sign up for Noom, including potential discounts for students, military, and nurses.

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1. Noom Promo Codes, Deals for Weight & Mood:

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Noom: 30% Off
2. Discount on 3-6 month Noom plans. Click for promo code:Show More
2. Discount on 3-6 month Noom plans. Click for promo code: Show Less
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Noom: 25% Off
3. New accounts get a great discount when you sign up for Noom. Click to get promo code:Show More
3. New accounts get a great discount when you sign up for Noom. Click to get promo code: Show Less
noom mood code
Free Trial: 14 Days
Noom Mood for less stress. "It's all about feeling better." Start now...Show More
Noom Mood for less stress. "It's all about feeling better." Start now with a brief free assessment. Show Less

Noom discount codes are for new customers and may have exclusions. Here’s how to get the best deal when you join.

2. Best Sign-Up Deal for Noom Weight Or Mood?

There are currently promotions to join both Noom (Weight) and Mood (for stress). They both start with a brief free evaluation so that they can learn a little more about you. This includes questions about your health, lifestyle, and weight loss goals and concludes with an offer to start a trial immediately at no cost.

This gives you a chance to use all of the features of Noom to decide whether you want to stick with it or cancel. Assuming you don’t quit, you’ll have the option to choose your billing cycle. If you aren’t afraid of commitment, you can save big!

How can you get a discount on Noom? Here’s how to get the best possible deal when you sign up at

  1. Check for a good promo code for up to a 25% discount
  2. Use today’s featured promotion for the Noom Weight or Mood apps
  3. Choose a longer billing cycle for a lower cost per month (if you don’t mind the commitment!)
  4. Cancel 24+ hours before the trial ends if you don’t want to continue

Let’s talk more about Noom discount codes and which code is best to join with.

3 Most-popular Noom promo codes this week:

  1. $30 Off 3+ Month Plan: Use code NOOM30
  2. 25% Off Any New Plan with promo code PROGRESS2024 (exp)
  3. 25% Off New Noom Plans: At checkout use code NOOM25

3. How to Use a Noom Discount Code:

You won’t need a discount code to start a Noom trial at no cost. However, you can save up to 25% at signup if a valid discount code is available. Here’s how to use a promo code.

After taking the free assessment quiz you’ll be emailed a personalized plan to meet your weight loss goal.

Where to enter noom promo code: You can enter a promo code in the “discount code” field on the first page of checkout above your order subtotal:

enter noom promo code
Here’s where to enter a promo code

Just enter a code and click, “apply.” If the code is valid you’ll see an itemized discount above your subtotal.

4. Are Noom 90% Off Codes Legit?

Using a promo code and signing up for a longer subscription, such as 12 months, can actually produce a 90% discount compared to paying monthly.

However, the Noom codes posted on Reddit and coupon sites promising 80-90% discounts seem to be expired or arer simply clickbait.

5. Promo Codes for the Noom Mood App:

Noom has a version of their app called, “Mood,” that focuses more on reducing stress and anxiety. If Noom Mood promo codes are available we’ll list them here. Is Mood the best Noom for you? Get started with a brief assessment now:

noom mood trial

If your weight problem or unhealthy habits are due to stress, consider the Noom Mood app.

6. Noom Promo Codes on Reddit?

Reddit is a popular place for users to post promo codes for Noom Mood, but do they even work?

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I’ve checked Reddit numerous times for Noom promo codes, but I can’t get a single one to work. I’m not sure why people bother to post invalid codes, but I assume these are referral codes from users who would get a credit if you join through their link.

noom discount codes not work

I recommend that you don’t waste your time looking for a Noom discount code on

Even though Reddit is a bust, is it possible for certain groups like students or the military to get a special discount on Noom? The short answer now is “not now,” but that could change.

Here’s how you might qualify for other Noom Discounts:

Conclusion: No Promo Code, No Problem!

I’m a thrifty person and I love a good coupon. In fact, a promo code online can be the difference between whether I complete an order or leave something languishing in my cart for weeks. An in-store coupon can cause me to skip joyfully while whistling a happy tune.

Hopefully, one of these Noom discount codes works for you and gives you a nudge towards signing up and starting a healthier lifestyle.

Not 100% sold on Noom yet? Check out our latest coupons and promo codes for Nutrisystem, Factor, and WW. We also have a pretty amazing discount code for Byte aligners right now!

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