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Nutrisystem Cost? Price Per Day, Week, Month, Year (Worth It?) • 2020

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How much is Nutrisystem? Nutrisystem now has 3 plan levels and the price varies based on menu variety and quantity of food. Women’s plans cost $230-340 per month, while men pay $270-380 per month at today’s promotional rate. There are also special versions of these plans available for diabetics and vegetarians at the same monthly price. You’ll also need to budget for supplemental food each week for your flex meals that require fresh groceries and the option of dining out.

*Update: If you choose to pay for 2 months upfront you’ll save an extra $20+ every month! Show me how

Here’s everything you need to know about how much does Nutrisystem actually costs:

Nutrisystem cost: Women’s Plans | Men’s Plans | Best Monthly Price | Extra Expenses | Cost per Year | Total Cost? | Worth It? | How to Save

1. Cost of Nutrisystem Monthly Plans:

Nutrisystem has 3 plan levels for women to choose from costing $240-350 per month. They also offer diabetic and vegetarian versions of these plans with the same pricing.

Here are the current prices with their current 50% Off Sale (50% off the retail one-month price) before using any additional promo codes: (Updated 10/12/20)

• Nutrisystem Cost: (Women)

nutrisystem cost 2020
  • Basic: $8.57/day, $59.99/week, $239.99/mo.
  • Uniquely Yours: $10.36/day, $72.50/week, $289.99/mo.
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate: $12.50/day, $87.50/week, $349.99/mo.
  • Vegetarian: $10.36/day, $72.50/week, $289.99/mo.

*Note: Nutrisystem D offers specially selected food for women with diabetes. They offer Basic, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Ultimate Diabetes plan options at the same price as the regular plans.

• Nutrisystem for MEN Cost:

Nutrisystem has 3 plan levels for men to choose from costing $280-390 per month. They also offer diabetic and vegetarian versions of these plans with the same pricing.

Here are the current prices with their popular 50% Off Sale: (Updated 10/12/20)

nutrisystem men cost 2020
  • Basic Men: $10.00/day, $70/week, $279.99/mo.
  • Uniquely Yours Men: $11.79/day, $82.50/week, $329.99/mo.
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate: $13.93/day, $97.50/week, $389.99/mo.
  • Vegetarian for Men: $11.79/day, $82.50/week, $329.99/mo.

*Note: Nutrisystem D for Men offers specially selected food for men with diabetes. They offer Basic, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Ultimate Diabetes plan options at the same price as the regular plans.

Now, let’s look at the additional expenses of being on Nutrisystem that are not included in the advertised price.

2. How to Get An Even LOWER Monthly Price!

When you click the link for the Nutrisystem 50% off Sale it applies the promotional pricing above. However, did you know you can get an even lower monthly price? Here’s how:

At checkout under 3. My Delivery” click Unlock offer and then choose Save 50% Pay for 2 Months Now” like this:

unlock cheapest monthly price
nutrisystem how save 50

As you can see, choosing to pay for 2 months on your first order drops the cost per day, saving you an extra $26 every month!

They explain the difference between payment options here:

nutrisystem payment options save

Thinking of joining? View plans or see today’s best coupons!

So, that’s what you need to know about the cost of Nutrisystem plans. However, you’ll also need to supplement their food with some groceries. Here’s more about how to budget for that extra food expense:

2. The Cost of Supplemental Food:

While Nutrisystem’s prepared foods are most of the expense, you’ll also have to buy extra food, including groceries and 4 weekly “flex meals” at home or dining out. Here’s what you should plan on spending on additional food:

• Cost of groceries:

cost of groceries
  • Supplemental groceries: Nutrisystem asks you to supplement their meals with SmartCarbs (fruits and veggies) and PowerFuels (dairy and lean meats). These will cost you about $5 per day
  • Home cooking: You’ll also want to account for groceries needed for any home-cooked Flex meals, which cost about $4.00 per meal.

• Restaurant Food:

eating chicken wings restaurant

If you choose to use your Flex Meals at restaurants, it’s going to cost you more. In fact, the average meal outside the home costs about $12.75 each, although you could certainly spend a lot more.

3. Optional Extras: (Shakes, Vitamins, etc.)

nutrisystem optional expenses

During the checkout process, you’ll be offered a couple of optional extras like probiotic vitamins, protein bars, and extra shakes. In addition, Nutrisystem now offers a DNA test kit to teach you about your metabolism, and create a blueprint for weight loss based on your DNA.

I don’t recommend any of these extras at signup, as you can always consider adding them at a later time, or buy a less expensive equivalent at the drugstore. For this cost estimate, I’m not going to add any optional extras.

• A la Carte Food:

nutrisystem frozen food cost

You have the option to add extra a la carte food to any order, including snacks, shakes and frozen food. If you are buying frozen food, you’ll have to pay a $9+ shipping fee unless you spend $75+, in which case you get free shipping.

Because this is an optional expense, we won’t add it to the cost total.

Nutrisystem Cost Per Month?

nutrisystem total cost
Nutrisystem food + groceries = total cost!

How much does Nutrisystem cost per month? The first month of Nutrisystem costs $230-320, depending on which plan you choose. The first month of Nutrisystem is usually the least expensive, as some of the most tempting signup promotions discount the first month by up to 50%.

Here’s more about how to estimate the total cost:

Total Price of Nutrisystem?

So, what’s the total monthly cost of being on the Nutrisystem diet? Let’s add the monthly membership fees of the (women’s) Uniquely Yours plan + supplemental groceries + occasional dining out to estimate a total monthly cost:

  • Nutrisystem plan: $290/month (Uniquely Yours sale price)
  • Groceries: (supplemental food + 1 weekly homemade flex meal) $200/month
  • Dining Out: (One thrifty restaurant meal per week) $75/month

How much does Nutrisystem actually cost? Add these items together, and your total food cost on Nutrisystem is about $17 per day, $120 per week, $510 per month.

That sounds like a lot of money, and it is. However, when you consider that every month the average American spends $197 on groceries, plus $300 eating out at restaurants. That means being on Nutrisystem probably costs about what you are already spending on food.

Nutrisystem Cost Per Year?

How much is a year of Nutrisystem? An entire year of the popular Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours plan costs about $3360 for women and $3840 for men. Plus, don’t forget to add the expense of flex meals which require fresh groceries and optional meals at restaurants. When you do, your total cost of Nturisytem and supplemental food is about $6250 for an entire year.

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Is Nutrisystem Worth It?

Is Nutrisystem worth the investment? Price is one of the biggest considerations when considering any diet. It’s important to ask yourself whether the considerable time and money you put into a weight loss program is worthwhile. We’ll attempt to answer the question, “is Nutrisystem really worth it?” by considering the following:

• 7 Reasons Why Nutrisystem Is Worth the Cost:

Consider the following when determining the cost of Nutrisystem:

  1. Economical: While Nutrisystem appears costly, it’s not a significant extra expense because Nutrisystem will replace most of the meals and groceries that you currently pay for
  2. Time is money: Nutrisystem will significantly reduce the amount of time you currently spend planning and preparing meals
  3. Efficient: Did you know that we waste half of the food we buy? Nutrisystem’s prepared, pre-portioned meals can be considered a more efficient and cost-effective way to eat, as the food is already portioned and no food should go to waste
  4. StructureHave you tried other diets and failed? You might need more structure in your diet. The math says that if you follow Nutrisystem and don’t cheat, you’ll lose the weight
  5. Usually Works: Most users are happy with their weight loss results and say it’s worth the money and effort
  6. The cost of Nutrisystem is inexpensive compared to other meal delivery diets like South Beach and Jenny Craig
  7. An Investment: Being overweight is expensive. Whether you are talking about the extra health problems associated with obesity, potential missed work, or superfluous food purchases, being healthy saves money!

Although being on a diet or weight loss program can seem expensive, think of it as an investment in your health.

• 5 Reasons Why Nutrisystem Is NOT Worth It:

Ok, we’re not here to just cheerlead for Nutrisystem. Skepticism is often a good thing, so let’s play devil’s advocate. Here are some reasons why Nutrisystem may not be worth it:

  1. Restrictions: With Nutrisystem, you are basically told what to eat and when. If you aren’t good with such structure, you might resent the menu limitations
  2. Do It Yourself Instead: If you have not been on a diet before, consider a more DIY weight loss program like MyFitnessPal or Weight Watchers. At under $20 per month, you’re not risking much!
  3. Food TasteBad reviews have called Nutrisystem “return of the TV dinner.”
  4. Too Expensive: While this diet does replace most of your current meals, you’re still going to have a $300+ charge on your credit card bill. Can you live with that?
  5. Commitment: This isn’t a 30-day diet, and canceling after the first month can be a hassle. If you just want to lose 10 pounds for a wedding, you might not want to commit to 3-6+ months

Ok, those are fair points.

Even though most users say that Nutrisystem works, about 1 in 5 people fail on the diet. That’s because no single diet will work for everyone. A diet should be compatible with the unique needs, personality, and lifestyle of the person. While having discipline is important in reaching any goal, you shouldn’t have to change who you are to fit the requirements of a diet.

So, the better question to ask is, “is Nutrisystem worth it for your needs?” Consider both the pros and cons we mention above and imagine whether this diet will be compatible with your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Now, let’s talk about how Nutrisystem can actually save you money on food each month:

Thrifty? How to Save Money on the Monthly Cost:

Nutrisystem’s 50% off special is usually best, if available. That’s because, unlike other coupons, (like the $249 special) it locks-in the initial low price:

nutrisystem featured sale
Featured special, plus use promo codes for free food!

*Tip: Want to get the best price on Nutrisystem? Use the featured special, then stack 2+ promo codes for free food!

How can you cut food costs while on Nutrisystem? Here are a few ways:

  1. Use a promo code: Every month there are promo codes available for up to an extra $30 off when you join
  2. Under “My Delivery” choose Pay for 2 Months Now to get a lower monthly price (how?)
  3. Nutrisystem at Costco price: Did you know you can buy discount $100 Nutrisystem gift cards at Costco for about $75 or less? They are good towards your first order, or a la carte food anytime!
  4. Nutrisystem at Walmart cost: Want to try out Nutrisystem food before joining? You can buy 5-day kits at Walmart, and might be able to use a Walmart coupon
  5. Skip the extras: No need to buy the add-ons at checkout. Buy items like protein bars, probiotics, and vitamins in bulk on your own. It will save you money and provide the same health benefits
  6. Limit restaurant food: Dining out is really expensive and generally not healthy. Save money by cooking your own flex meals.
  7. Plan your flex meals before grocery shopping to reduce leftovers
  8. Don’t order drinks: You might be shocked at how much you already spend on drinks like coffee, wine, and smoothies at restaurants. Make your own drinks for a fraction of the price!

Tip: Do you drink coffee? If so, the expense can really add up. Consider that buying a single cup of coffee ($4) from Starbucks each weekday quickly adds up to $80+ per month!

• How Being on Nutrisystem Can Actually Save You Money

While on Nutrisystem you’ll spend less at the grocery store and at restaurants. In addition to saving you hours of time on meal planning and prep, their prepared meals replace most of the meals you’re paying for now.

Here’s how Nutrisystem can save you money each month:

  1. Cost of Groceries: They say that groceries cost the average woman about $250 per month, and the average man about $300 per month. (source) Let’s estimate that while on Nutrisystem your grocery bill is cut in half, which means it will cost $5 per day for supplemental food.
  2. Cost of Dining Out: Most people eat at restaurants less frequently while on Nutrisystem, so this is another area of potential cost savings. The average meal outside the home costs about $13 per person, so if you eat 1-2 fewer meals out while on the diet, the savings can add up
  3. Cost of Alcohol: Alcohol isn’t good for any diet, including Nutrisystem. That’s why they ask you to only consume 1-2 alcoholic beverages per week. Reducing your alcohol intake is healthy and can also save you a lot of money!


How much is Nutrisystem per month? 🤔

Nutrisystem for women costs $240-350 per month (after coupon) depending on plan choice.

How much does Nutrisystem for MEN cost?

Nutrisystem for Men costs $280-390 per month (after coupon) depending on plan. Mens’ plans cost more because they include an extra daily snack.

What’s the cheapest way to sign up for Nutrisystem?

Currently, their 50% off sale is the best deal. You can also use 2+ promo codes at checkout for free food.

Do you have to buy extra food? 🥑

Yes, to calculate the total cost you must account for the cost of groceries to supplement meals as well as Flex Meals which you provide on your own. This can add an extra $200 per month to the cost.

Cheaper Diet Options?

All meal-delivery diets for men and women seem to be pretty expensive. That’s because you have to pay for a month of food all at once, and it’s not cheap to ship perishable and frozen food.

For example, other popular weight loss programs, like the South Beach Diet cost about the same as Nutrisystem, while Jenny Craig and Diet-to-Go actually cost more!

If Nutrisystem isn’t in your budget I would recommend the #1 rated WW (cost, coupons), or Noom (review, cost, free trial) the hot new weight loss app that’s been called, “WW for Millennials.” Although, the price tag of these DIY diets totally depends on what you choose to spend on food!

Talk to your doctor before starting any diet, and make sure that it’s compatible with your lifestyle and weight loss needs; not just your budget!

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*Note, this article was written in 2019, and updated throughout 2020

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