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Nutrisystem Monthly Cost + How to Get Best Price • 2024

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Nutrisystem delivers healthy, pre-portioned meals to your door every month. This convenience makes the diet popular with busy people who don’t like to cook. So, how much does it cost?

Nutrisystem costs $309-440 per month depending on your gender, plan choice, and how many months you choose to pay upfront. Men pay about 10% more per month than women as their plans include an extra daily snack.

While Nutrisystem provides most of your food, you’ll need to buy supplemental groceries every week including fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can save by paying for 2-3 months upfront to lock in up to a 10% monthly discount or join as a couple with their Partner Plan to save 15%. You can also stack promo codes at checkout for an extra discount on your first month plus free food.

Here’s how much Nutrisystem costs now, how to save when you join, and whether it’s really worth the significant monthly expense.

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Nutrisystem Cost for Women:

You can lock in a lower monthly rate for the life of your membership when you pay for 2-3 months upfront and use a coupon code. Here is the latest retail pricing for women’s plans:

  • Uniquely Yours: $339.99/mo. ($83.50/week)
  • Uniquely Yours Max+: $389.99/mo. ($97.50/week)
  • Complete 50: $439.99/mo. ($110/week)

Nutrisystem Cost for Men:

Men pay about 10% more because their plans include more food. Lock in a lower rate when you pay for 2-3 months today and stack coupons. Here is the current retail pricing for men’s plans:

  • Uniquely Yours: $374.99 ($93.75/week)
  • Uniquely Yours Max+: $439.99/mo. ($110/week)
  • Complete 50: $489.99/mo. ($122.50/week)

Nutrisystem Partner Plan Cost:

Save 15% when you join Nutrisystem as a couple! The Partner plan ships and bills food for two people every two weeks instead of monthly. You can lock up to a 10% discount if you pay for 2-3 shipments upfront. Here’s the retail price of the Partner Plan shipments every 2 weeks:

  • Uniquely Yours: $303.87 ($151.93/week)
  • Uniquely Yours Max+: $352.74 ($176.37/week)
  • Complete 50: $395.24 ($197.62/week)

Nutrisystem Diabetes Plans Cost:

Nutrisystem also offers Diabetes plans for women and men including Basic, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Ultimate Diabetes plans. These plans cost about 5% more than the regular plans, but you can save up to 10% when you pay for your first 2-3 months at signup and use a coupon.

Here is the latest pricing for Nutrisystem Diabetes plans:

  • Diabetes Basic: $299.99/mo. ($75/week)
  • Uniquely Yours Diabetes: $339.99/mo. ($85/week)
  • Ultimate Diabetes: $389.99/mo. ($91.25/week)

How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost Per Year? 

The total price of Nutrisystem for 12 months depends on your gender and which plan you choose. While the popular Uniquely Yours plan for women costs about $3650 per year, the Complete 50 plan will cost you about 20% more.

You’ll also need to add the cost of supplemental groceries each week to calculate your total monthly expense for food. That sounds expensive but it might be a lot less than you’re already spending on food each year!

Tip: It’s possible to actually save money while on Nutrisystem as it replaces most of your meals and you’ll probably spend a lot less on groceries and restaurants.

Tip: Save Money When You Pay for 2+ Months:

You can get the best monthly rate when you pay for 2-3 months upfront when you join any Nutrisystem plan. This not only gives you a lower price on your initial purchase but also locks in that low rate for the life of your subscription.

Here’s how it works.

Visit and after you choose a plan, you’ll see a button that says, Unlock Savings: Save 50% or more when you pay for multiple shipments now.”

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Click unlock offer and you’ll see lower pricing with an extra monthly savings of 3-5% if you pay for 2 or 3 months upfront.

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Tip: When you pay for multiple shipments at signup, you’ll lock in that lower price for all future monthly deliveries potentially saving you hundreds of dollars over the life of your membersip.

How to Get the Best Price When You Join:

Here’s how to get the lowest monthly rate for Nutrisystem:

  1. Click their featured offer and select a plan at
  2. Click Unlock Savings under “My Delivery”
  3. Choose Pay for 3 months Now for a lower monthly rate
  4. Skip buying the optional supplements at checkout
  5. Stack promo codes for up to an extra $100 discount plus free food!

You’ll need to buy some food every week, so being frugal at the grocery store and limiting restaurant meals and alcohol can also save you money every month.

Tip: Did you know that 49% of Americans drink 3+ cups of coffee a day? Cut down on coffee and brew your own to save up to $10 a day!

Total cost of Nutrisystem?

Remember that you’ll have to buy some groceries including fresh fruits and vegetables each week plus DIY “Flex Meals” to supplement the Nutrisystem food. While this doesn’t add to the actual cost of Nutrisystem, you should account for supplemental food when estimating your monthly food budget.

We’ve already explained how to get the best Nutrisystem price per month, but you can also save a lot of money by cooking your own Flex meals at home instead of eating out. In fact, eating out at a restaurant can cost five times more than cooking your own meals!

Another way to keep the cost of Nutrisystem down is to not add any of the optional extra vitamins and shakes offered during the signup process. You can find similar shakes, bars, and vitamins at a lower cost at your local pharmacy or Costco.

Is Nutrisystem Worth It?

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Adding a $300+ monthly fee to your credit card is a big decision, even if it does replace a lot of the food that you’re currently buying. So, before you sign up, it’s good to decide whether Nutrisystem is really worth the expense.

So, what do you get for your money when you join Nutrisystem? Most of the cost of the diet is the pre-packaged food delivered to your door every 4 weeks.

These nutritionally balanced pre-portioned “heat and eat” meals are relatively inexpensive, averaging only a few dollars each. You’ll be given a personalized plan and track your progress on the Numi app to know exactly what to eat and when.

With Nutrisystem, you pay for convenience as they handle the planning, preparation, and portioning of most of your meals each month. You wouldn’t mistake these ready-to-eat meals for gourmet takeout or mom’s home cooking, but they are very convenient.

They say that time is money,” making Nutrisystem a popular weight loss program for busy people who can’t cook or just don’t like to.

When it comes to losing weight do you value convenience and structure above menu variety and taste?

No single diet is best for everyone, so to determine whether Nutrisystem is worth it, imagine whether Nutrisystem is compatible with your unique personality and lifestyle and if the convenience is worth the cost.

Have you already tried cheaper or free DIY diets like WW and Noom without success?

If so, then it may be worth trying Nutrisystem. I hope we were able to clarify their pricing, and thanks for visiting Wonky Pie!