After I posted my weigh in results last week I spent most of the night up with a cranky E2 who didn’t want to get to sleep though nothing in particular seemed wrong. By 10:30am on Thursday I was called back to daycare because E2 had spiked a fever. By Saturday E1 had a high fever too and the adults weren’t feeling so great either.

Mr Goat. soldiered through his two choir concerts this weekend while I tended the Es. A trip to urgent care yesterday, that lasted nearly 4 hours (solo, sick with two sick kids), revealed that we all have strep. Mr. Goat got a test today to confirm that he does have it as well.

With the exception of the urgent care run and trips to the Target Pharmacy/grocery store for provisions, I haven’t left the house since Thursday. While I think my meds are kicking in I am not well, I am far from rested and I have done almost nothing toward kicking my SAD to the curb. On the other hand my eating is improved, partially because I have no appetite.

It is funny, sometimes things seem overwhelming and then life decides to make things even more interesting to show you just what overwhelming could be. I am grateful I can take off to be with the kids, I can afford their meds and their care, that I can comfort sick kids and narrow things down to the basics.

There is a lot that is not getting done right now and that is ok. Christmas presents will get wrapped, or they won’t. Christmas cards can go out after Christmas. We can go to WI to see family or we can stay home.

It is no fun to be sick. Or to have your kids sick. Or your spouse. Much of the last several days has been tiring and trying, but it does bring some perspective.

The kids have been on meds for 24 hrs now and I hope will continue to improve. Hopefully I can sneak out for a Weight Watchers meeting on Christmas Eve morning and be well enough for my church responsibilities. Hopefully we’ll get stuff wrapped and be able to see the family. Hopefully we can get E1 to keep his meds down long enough for them to work! Hopefully we can get E2 to sleep in her crib once she is feeling better.

Until then, if I am scarce, know it is because we are in a war zone of germs over here.