Random Midnight Thoughts

E2 appears to have a 3.5 hour sleep cycle. If I can get her down in her crib I can typically get 3.5 hrs until she wakes up again. Did I mention she is teething, still on meds for her ear AND appears to be getting another cold? Ah the joys of parenting a toddler. However, the snuggles are an excellent payment.

I stretched wrong and tweaked my back today. It reminds me that I really really need to find a new gym routine. I have the Sunday School Christmas program this weekend, but I think on Monday I may challenge myself to do the 30 day Shred. I can take the DVD with me when we travel for Christmas, it is short and I can watch in on the laptop too. Anyone want to do it with me?

Melissa McCarthy is apparently going to make a line of clothes that just goes from regular into plus. Like it will be all the sizes, without a distinction between “normal” and “plus.” Here is the article. We are having an interesting discussion about it on the PFG Facebook Page.

If I could have any one task done for me. Anything at all, it would be cleaning my house. It feels so futile and yet so necessary. Ick. I will do almost anything else happily if I never had to clean again.

I am really getting into the Christmas spirit this week. I have the music on, church stuff is in full swing and we are hopefully getting our tree this weekend. Plus I am nearly done shopping which feels like a victory in and of itself.

P.S. Why are MIL’s so hard to shop for!?

My cat Doppler, who had a weird lump earlier this year that turned out to be an allergic reaction thing, is looking sick. I need to call the vet, but I am afraid of what I might hear. My hunch – old age and kitty cat diabetes. But I just don’t know.

Mr. Goat found the “baby goat” Halloween costume from E1′s first Halloween. So here is a comparison shot of the two kids for you. They are not related. at. all. 🙂

Yes, of course E1, formerly Baby Goat had a goat costume. Duh.

I think I have decided on a first race back after my injury. I do want to try a short race to give me a sense of whether or not I need to move away from running long term. And I can always walk it. I am thinking of this 5k.
Are there local people who would be interested in a meet up in January? If so let me know. I am pondering things!

Time to transfer the baby back to her crib, she seems asleep now, we’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck and sleep!

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