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Smile Direct Club Promo Codes, Discounts: $100+ Off! • Nov. 2020

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SmileDirectClub is a clear aligner system that can straighten your teeth while saving you thousands of dollars compared to Invisalign or traditional braces and retainers.

Find out if you’re a good potential candidate for their at-home teeth alignment for free here. (Takes 30 seconds!) If so, take advantage of this month’s featured promotion to get the impression kit for free plus save $100 on aligners! (With SinglePay™)

Here are today’s best Smile Direct discount codes and promotions, plus special discounts for students and military in 2020:

Smile Direct Club Promotions & Coupon Codes:

smile direct club 100 off
  • -
    (Save $149!) Ends 12/01/20

    Free impression kit after rebate + $100 off aligners. Get code:

  • -
    Nov. 2020

    Are you a good candidate? Concludes with a $100 coupon.

  • -
    Nov. 2020

    Plus, the impression kit is free w/ rebate. Get promo code:

  • -

    Smile Direct Club clear aligners. Get discount code:

  • -

    $100 off clear aligners + 50% off impression kit.

How to Use a Discount Code at

Have a promo code? Using it is simple, but you might not notice where to enter it. Here’s how:

  1. On click order now
  2. Under order summary, there is a box that says promo code / gift card
  3. Enter code then click apply like this:
smile direct club enter discount code
smile direct code applied

The details of your discount code will be listed under the continue button under order summary.

Coupon not working? Discount codes don’t work towards the SmilePay™ payment plan! Also, Smile Club Direct changes the featured discount code every few months, so make sure you have the latest one. You can often see it displayed on their site like this:

featured discount code smile club

Even though I see other discount codes on the big coupon sites, they seem to be inferior or the same as the featured on-site promotion.

Smile Direct Club Military or Student Discount?

smile club student discount
smile direct club military discount

Smile Club Direct has discount codes specifically for students and the military in 2020.

  • Student Discount: College students or those with a student ID can get $100 off aligners with discount code STUDENT2020
  • Military Discount: SmileDirectClub offers active-duty military members and veterans $100 off clear aligners with discount code: MILITARY2020

The military and student discounts to ultimately be the same savings as Smile Direct’s $100 code for civilians. Even so, I guess it’s good to see them specifically recognizing military, USAA, and students in their promotions.

All Coupons Start With a Free Assessment at

smile direct aligners coupon

No matter which coupon or promotion you click on, it all starts with a “30-second free assessment.” That’s because Smile Direct Club says that, “SmileDirectClub’s clear aligner system is designed for minor to moderate teeth correction.”

In other words, if you have significantly jacked-up teeth, you should go see an orthodontist in-person. If you have more than just minor alignment issues, it might be a good idea to include optional in-person visits to one of their Smile Centers so that a professional can monitor your progress.

Tip: After taking the free assessment you’ll start getting emails and offers from Smile Direct Club. These can be annoying, so if you aren’t interested in signing up, unsubscribe!

*See real SmileDirectClub customer results here!


What’s the best Smile Direct Club coupon? 🔥

The discount code IKREBATE29 is currently best. It gets you the impression kit free + $100 off aligners.

How much does Smile Direct Club cost?

The total cost is $1795 after the $100 off coupon

Discounts for students or military?

Yes, SmileDirectClub has $100 discount codes for both students and military here

In Conclusion…

SmileClubDirect always has a promotion running, so don’t ever place an order without using a discount code. While there are a few codes out there, the best one will get you the impression kit for free plus a $100 savings on aligners.

Not sold on Smile Direct Club? We also have an exclusive $100 coupon for Byte clear aligners. We also have some great wellness promo codes for Noom, A&E, and WW. Thanks for stopping by Wonky Pie!

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