Sometimes You Really Are Hungry

Have you guys heard the acronym H.A.L.T.? I heard it in a Weight Watchers meeting the first time, though it is not strictly a WW thing. It is a checklist of sorts for determining if you should eat or not.

H… hungry
A… angry
L… lonely
T… tired

If you’ve ever struggled with weight you know that there are lots of times we eat for reasons other than hungry. We may be lonely (or anxious or feeling awkward in a social setting). We may be tired, or thirsty, or sad or angry or just want to treat ourselves. We often eat to celebrate, or to grieve, or to remember. We eat for many many reasons.

That is a lesson I understand. I am fully versed in eating for a host of reasons. But there is one lesson that I am still learning: Sometimes we want food because we really are HUNGRY. Duh. I don’t know why this is so strange but it happened to me again this afternoon.

I was driving E1 to choir and thinking about food. I wasn’t angry, or lonely. I am not terribly tired or stressed (any more than normal). I wasn’t thirsty – I had a liter of water with me in the car. Lunch was 4 hours ago, it turns out I really am hungry!

So often I think I have to wait to eat, that if I eat outside of my meals I will go crazy. I am not sure why I feel this way. More often than not if I have a snack in the afternoons I am better able to handle dinner, but hunger still takes my by surprise.

Sometimes I get uneasy allowing myself to eat when I am hungry, but slowly I am learning to recognize my bodies cues and giving myself permission to eat. When I got to choir I grabbed a protein bar and an apple for a snack and am writing a blog post while I wait for E1.

Hopefully having a snack will make tonight’s portion control easier.

Eating when you are hungry. What a concept.

(I am sometimes a slow learner)

(Also I am often Captain Obvious)

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