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South Beach Diet $200 Off: Is There a Better Coupon?

$200 off South Beach Diet: Have you seen the promotion for $200 off the South Beach Diet featuring Jesse James Decker? It’s their featured promotion this diet season, but in case you haven’t here it is:

South Beach Diet $200 Off:

Is South Beach Diet $200 Off the Best Promotion?

Now, before you click on the ad above, we have some important info about their $200 off promotion. We did the math, and over the long-term it isn’t the best deal. Here’s why:

Why isn’t $200 Off a Good Deal:

That’s because in the fine print you’ll see that it’s $50 off your first four monthly orders, but after that the price goes up as much as $50 per month!

That means it’s a good deal for the first four months only, and then the savings dry up. For that reason, consider this featured promotion instead.

The $200 Off is Over 4 Months

Two hundred dollars off sounds amazing, but you should know that it’s really “$50 off” over four months. The average person will stay with the program longer than that, meaning that they will face an unexpected price increase during the course of membership.

That increase can be significant! For example, if you join for a year and the price increases $50 after month 4, you’re looking at paying $400 more than you may have expected after a year.

*What about the coupon for 50% off Nutrisystem?

South Beach Diet: What’s Better than $200 Off?

Glad that you asked! Actually, if you plan to stay on the program for more than 4 months, use their South Beach Diet/Sale promotion to lock in a 40-50% discount every month:

Just click above to apply the discount, or see all of their current coupons and promotions here.