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South Beach Diet/Sale: Cheapest Way to Join the Program or Not?

The cheapest way to join the South Beach Diet is their 40% sale: It’s diet season, and you’ve probably seen an ad (or ten?) on TV for the South Beach Diet featuring Jessie James Decker. However, South Beach has more than one promotion going on right now, so which one is best?

We did the math, and the best long-term deal is their South Beach Diet/Sale promotion. Here’s the ad:

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Why is South Beach Diet/Sale Best?

A lot of people see that the initial price for the $200 off promotion is lowest, and mistakenly jump on that sale to sign up. However, that offer is only best for the first month or two before the monthly price goes up!

Yeah, you didn’t read the fine print, right? Neither do most people.

That’s why if you are going to signup, I strongly recommend doing so with their 40% off promotion at South Beach Diet/Sale. That offer locks in the initial promotional rate, so you won’t get hit with an unexpected price increase down the road.

You can even use a promo code at checkout for up to an extra $50 off your first order, making South Beach Diet/Sale the best deal!

What If the South Beach Diet/Sale Promotion Ends?

Although South Beach Diet/Sale is currently an ongoing promotion with no set expiration date, it certainly could end or change names in the future. We will update the link above to reflect any changes in case South Beach Diet/Sale ends to make sure it still leads to the best promotion on

Also, Check Out the Recipes on South Beach Diet/Sale

Whether you decide to signup for the diet or not, you still have access to the free South Beach Diet-friendly recipes on their blog here.

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It’s a great idea to bookmark the page, as they add new recipes on a weekly basis. Also, I don’t recommend trying to do the diet solely with their prepared meals which can get old fast if you don’t shake things up. A lot of the recipes start with a prepared or frozen meal, and spice it up.

south beach diet sale banner

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any thoughts on any South Beach Diet/Sales, please drop us a line!