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3 STD Check Coupons, Discount Codes: $15 Off • 2023

The internet has made just about everything more efficient, including the delicate practice of getting tested for an STD. If you do need to get tested for an STD or STI, I recommend STDCheck.

It’s simple, fast (same or next day), economical, and discreet. Plus, they work with 4500 test centers across America making it very convenient, too. In fact, as of 2023, STD Check has performed over 2 million STD checks.

Regardless of whether you’d like to be tested for a single STD or take a 10-test panel, Wonky Pie can save you money. Right now there are a couple of new coupons and discount codes to save up to $15 at Here are today’s best promotions plus how to get the best deal:

STD Check: $15 Coupon | Using a Code | Best Deal | Not Working

Best STDCheck Coupons Now:

std check discount
coupon std check
STD Check: $15 Off
1. Limited time special! Discount applies to any test or test panel...Show More
1. Limited time special! Discount applies to any test or test panel. Click to apply this coupon code. Show Less
coupon std check
10-Test Panel: $15 Off
2. The popular 10-Test Panel is a comprehensive STD testing package that tests for the 10...Show More
2. The popular 10-Test Panel is a comprehensive STD testing package that tests for the 10 most common bacterial and viral STDs. Apply coupon: Show Less
coupon std check
STD Check: $10 Off
3. No minimum. Click to apply $10 coupon code 10OffOrder at More
3. No minimum. Click to apply $10 coupon code 10OffOrder at Show Less
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Test Pricing + $10 Off
4. View pricing for all tests at + apply a $10 coupon:Show More
4. View pricing for all tests at + apply a $10 coupon: Show Less

How to Use an STD Check Coupon:

There is no longer a place to enter a code at, but there are two other ways to get a discount on your order:

  1. Take advantage of their featured on-site coupon
  2. Click a promotional link or banner to apply the advertised coupon
std check coupon enter

After doing so, the relevant promo code will be applied to your shopping cart as shown above.

Where do you enter an STD Check promo code? Discounts are now applied exclusively by clicking on an offer or promotional link, and there is no longer a box to enter a promo code at checkout.

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More STD Check Coupons:

You can also find occasional STDCheck coupon codes published on their Facebook page like this Black Friday coupon:

std check coupon 15
Yay, herpes! Um, is that really the best stock photo you could find for an STD Check!?

Top 3 STD Check Promo Codes:

  1. $10 off your order with code: 10OFFORDER
  2. $15 off your order with code: 15COVID2023
  3. $20 off your order with coupon code: 20STDCHECK2023 (exp.)

How To Get the Best Deal at STD Check:

To get the best possible deal on your order at follow these steps:

  1. Click our featured promotion
  2. A promo code for a $15 discount will be applied to your cart
  3. Choose the “10 test panel” for the best savings
  4. Choose a test center location and complete your purchase
  5. Access your lab requisition form and test code in your account

The 10-test panel is very popular and a great deal as it’s less than half the cost of buying several individual tests for common STDs separately.

Fast STD Check For: Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, More

You know, just Googling “STD check near me” is a little uncomfortable. For that reason, I’m actually quite impressed that 8k people like STDCheck’s FB page! (Hmmm… don’t let your mom see that!) Anyway, thinking that you may have an STD / STI is serious, so you want to go with the most dependable, trusted, and discreet STD testing online.

While those at-home STD kits are cheap, they won’t get you your results as quickly and accurately as an in-person visit at a local testing center.

herpes std check

That’s why STDCheck doesn’t send you a kit directly. We’re not talking about a meal kit or clear aligners here, this is serious. It’s just better to have professionals handle your STD testing, so STD Check arranges for you to have one at the closest testing center and handle all of the details.

*News: STD Rates for African Americans Are 4x Higher Than Whites In the U.S.

Promo Code Not Working?

Recently removed the option to enter a coupon code at checkout. Instead, all valid codes are applied instantly after clicking on a promotion.

You might find STD Check coupon codes on sites like Reddit or RetailMeNot, but they will not work as there is nowhere to enter them!

If you click on a link that promotes a specific offer and find that it has not been applied to your order it is because either the promotion has expired or your order does not qualify for the discount.

Why Should You Get Tested for STDs?

In a world where personal health intersects with social responsibility, the necessity of regular STD testing for sexually active individuals cannot be overstated. Amidst the complexities of modern relationships and evolving sexual norms, it is imperative to examine the five compelling reasons that underscore the urgency of this matter. Here are 5 reasons you should use to get tested for STDs:

  1. Public Health’s Silent Battleground: Sexually transmitted diseases remain a silent battleground, with millions affected and transmission rates on the rise. By proactively seeking testing, individuals can contribute to public health efforts in combating the spread of infections, thus safeguarding not only their well-being but also that of their communities.
  2. The Evasion of Symptomatology: Many STDs often lurk in the shadows of asymptomatic carriers, rendering detection a challenging endeavor. Engaging in routine testing enables the early identification of infections that may otherwise remain concealed, thereby preventing potential complications and curtailing transmission chains.
  3. Consent Anchored in Knowledge: Transparency and honesty underpin consent within intimate relationships. Prioritizing testing nurtures an environment of trust and fosters open dialogues, empowering partners to make informed choices about their sexual health and well-being. Use a coupon for to get tested today and save up to $20.
  4. Destigmatizing the Dialogue: Addressing sexual health should not be met with stigma or shame. Through open discourse and support, encouraging testing can help normalize the conversation surrounding STDs, encouraging more individuals to access resources and care without fear of judgment. Using a site like is a great way to get tested with minimal phone or in-person contact with others, which can be embarrassing.
  5. Personal Empowerment and Responsibility: Amidst the liberty of personal choices, sexual activity comes with the responsibility to protect oneself and others. Embracing STD testing is an embodiment of this responsibility, exemplifying an unwavering commitment to the collective well-being of society. You’ll also save $15 when you use a coupon which is a pretty sweet deal!

In conclusion, the call for routine STD testing amongst sexually active individuals echoes not only as a matter of personal health but as an expression of social solidarity. By fostering a culture of openness, education, and vigilance, we can collectively bridge the gaps in sexual health awareness and fortify our pursuit of a healthier, more equitable future.

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Wonky Pie gets exclusive coupons for companies including STD Check, Byte aligners, and Adam & Eve. Although we can’t change what happened that sweaty night in Tijuana, at least we can save you a few dollars on STD testing.

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