Surgery, round two

I scheduled it. My 2nd surgery. It is two weeks from today.

I know, so quickly. But I really want to make sure I have enough time to heal before the wedding. The surgery I’m having done will remove the excess skin that now hangs over my bra.

The excess skin that hangs over is not noticeable when I’m dressed. But it hurts a lot. It pinches. It feels similar to an under-wire poking into my skin. I tug at it throughout the day, sometimes ending up having to take my bra off sooner than normal.

When I had my first surgery, the doctor didn’t mention anything about this because it’s just one of those things that may or may not happen. It would be near impossible for anyone to tell me all the possible  outcomes of a surgery. Dr. Gervais advised me of a lot of things so I’m not frustrated about this, I just want it fixed.

The incision line will begin right under the outside edge of my breast and go horizontal around my side and a few inches on my back. I’m having both sides done. The incision line itself will be in the exact area my bra normally sits so any worry of the line showing is non-existent. And to be honest, I am not worried about scar lines.

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Two weeks from today. I will arrive at 11am to prep, surgery starts at 12pm and I should be done by 2pm. The surgery is not as extensive as my November surgery – Dr. Gervais said I could probably be back to work by the following Wednesday. I will have no working out for 2-3 weeks after that which means the Get in Gear 10k I signed up for is out. I was a little disappointed in the fact that the schedule didn’t work out but I am planning on doing the Twin Cities 10 mile and the Monster Dash Half Marathon in October so I know I’ll get back into my running routine in the summer.

I’m nervous and more scared than I was for the November surgery. Maybe because now I actually know what it’s like? I’ll have to wear a compression garment for awhile after the surgery but Dr. Gervais doesn’t think I’ll have to have drains like I did before. Carlos joked and said I’m going to look like a jig-saw puzzle – I laughed and then, we talked about how the reality is, I’m not doing the surgery to wear a bikini on the beach, I have no desire to prance around in a slinky dress showing an intense amount of skin.

Sure, there is a small amount of vanity in skin removal surgery, but that is not the primary motivation. It never has been for me. I have no desire to be perfect, no desire to be flawless.

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Surgery, round two. 14 days and counting.