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Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 59

Weight Watchers Weigh In, Week 59: This week was nutty. Just in part it included: MIL in the hospital and us spending time trying to help the family, E2’s tube surgery – which went well but meant a day off, Communion Instruction retreat to teach, my parents coming into town, an overnight ER trip with E1 for an asthma reaction to a cold, working full time and throwing a birthday party for 9 kids at a bowling alley. Oh and trying to clean my house, eat right, get my work done at my job as well as all my other jobs.

In fact, when WordPress ate a post all about this on Sunday night I just gave up and went to bed. I meant to get back to post, but I’m still just playing catch up. Despite ALL of that going on, I did have an ok week. Yes, I ate birthday cake (and a birthday cupcake).

In fact I had sweets far more often this week than normal. HOWEVER, I tracked all the Weight Watchers points and factored everything into the rest of my eating too. As a result, while I used my weekly WW points, I did not go off the rails and I still lost weight this week.

-0.6 Pounds
99.2 lbs Lost on WW to Date (133.6 lbs Lost total)

Boom. Go me!

To have the week I had and still stay on track is HUGE for me. HUGE. To have cake and to compensate by making other good choices is huge. To not emotionally eat out of exhaustion, anxiety or stress….huge.

And to realize that I am currently the smallest weight I have ever been since at LEAST my sophomore year of college (maybe earlier)….HUGE

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It blows my mind to think of myself as being under 250lbs (just barely but under nonetheless). I spent so much of my adult life trying to stay under 350 (because that was somehow better at least – a sign of not totally giving in to food).

I enjoy being this weight so far and am still planning to lose more but we are quickly coming to uncharted territory. I am a size away from my “small” high school size. I am now at weights that I don’t remember seeing because it was at an age where that number was so horrific to me that I couldn’t face the scale without crying. Now here I am facing those same numbers and cheering.

In between those times I’ve learned to love myself, no matter what the scale says, and I truly think that helps manage this weight loss roller coaster immensely. My worth is not caught up in a number on a scale. I use it to help measure my success because I want to be healthy but not because I want to satisfy some ideal of beauty.

Maybe it is easier for me. I have always been an introvert, a geek, a bandie, an academic, a weird person. I am used to not quite fitting in, and I wear my awkwardness with pride (most of the time). I rarely ascribe to things society tells me I should do, be, like or wear.

I chose what I like. In that way, I don’t have to fight for some unattainable goal, but can focus on being the best me I can be. Right now that involves weight loss. Hopefully someday it doesn’t, but that is still a ways away.

No matter what I can look at my pictures to day and say to myself, “Yes, I am really doing something amazing.”

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Weight Watchers Weigh-In: Week 54

Weight Watchers Weigh-In Week 54: Another week, another weigh in. Does the monotony of these posts drive you nuts or do you look forward to seeing what I’ve done with my week? For the most part I love my weigh in days – not because I always do well but it is always a reset button – new points, a new chance at a good week.

The walked the fine line this week of too much food. I ate all my weekly points in one fabulous night out with the family, but then I used a few activity points and just in general pushed it with my portions. My estimating was sloppy. And last night I finally went over on ww points after having a crabby day and simply not caring enough to be strict on my portions.

As a result:

+.4 Pounds
94.0 lbs lost on WW to date

All gains are annoying but in the scheme of things this is salt and a bad night on Tuesday more than a failed week. Today was a better day and I was able to make good decisions all day long. Sometimes the greatest gift I can give myself is the ability to shrug off a ho hum week and start again.

I guess I can see the appeal of meal delivery diets, as counting points takes some effort. However, diets like Nutrisystem are expensive, and I’d like to stay with real food if possible.

It is hard to remember on hard days but there really is always a new chance to start over. A bad decision yesterday doesn’t mean I need to make one today.

So despite a slight gain I am doing fine. I am awash in non-scale victories – TWO pairs of size 18 pants fit me now, I am getting good comments from people I know, I am staying on top of things at work and feeling confident, my light is helping, my kids are currently well.

Oh, and the most exciting of all – I get to lead a small group discussion at Fitbloggin’ this year! Woohoo!

Sometimes our progress is not about the scale after all.

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WW Weight Loss Results: Week 16

Let’s get right to the weigh-in. Here are my Week 16 results from April 28th:

Starting weight: 251.0
Previous weight: 236.0
Current weight: 235.0
Week 16 Loss: -1.0
Total Loss: -16.0

I’m pretty happy with a one pound loss considering the previous week’s events and calories consumed. We attended a lovely and fun wedding, where I made no real effort to track Weight Watchers points for how much beer I drank (a lot) and as a result, had a killer hangover the next morning. That was my first hangover since 2010 and let me tell you, it was a doozy. Oof. Friends were in town from out of state, so the next day, some of us decided to have brunch and hang out a little more.

I don’t know if all of you are familiar with Eggspectations, but it is the place of hangover-cure dreams. It was hard to choose what to get – their menu is probably bigger than that at Cheesecake Factory – but I decided on Eggs Benedict crepes and enjoyed every single bite.

While I ignored calories and Weight Watchers points at the wedding, I did make a very conscious effort to make up for it with workouts and better eating throughout the week. I guess that counting points is the Achilles heel of the whole WW Online program. It does take discipline, and if you don’t track points daily, you’re going to have a hard time losing weight.

I decided to amp up a workout by doing walking lunges on the incline treadmill at the gym. If you’re not familiar with the incline treadmill, let me tell you just a little bit about it.

It inclines. A lot. It inclines up to 30% and there are handlebars that you have to hold onto so you don’t tumble backwards and fall off of the machine. Kind of like this, but ignore the smiling woman on it and pretend she’s grimacing and gripping the handles for dear life:

My old trainer (hi Leigh-Anne!) showed me how to do walking lunges on the incline, so that was part of my workout last Wednesday. I warmed up with regular walking and gradually increased the incline. Once I got to 18%, I started alternating very slow walking lunges with regular walking. I’d lunge for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds, up the incline, and repeat.

I was really struggling once I got to 27% and didn’t want my heart to burst in my chest, so I did 15 second intervals for the last two inclines. I won’t bore you with the rest of my workout, but I will say that I shouldn’t have jumped right into so many lunges. I could barely walk for two days and even felt it a bit when I took an easy 2 mile walk yesterday. (Is this what I have to look forward to when I start 30-day Shred? Hold me.)

I’m fairly certain I would have lost more weight if I would have had only a couple of drinks at the wedding and had egg whites and turkey bacon for brunch the next day, but I have no regrets. I enjoyed the drinks, the food, and the company, and really have no guilt about any of it. I’m happy with with a one pound loss, proud of myself for stepping up the workouts, and feel good about striking some sort of balance.

All that being said, this week will be somewhat of a repeat of last week since I was at my parents’ house in Pennsylvania all weekend. I did take a nice walk with my mom and the baby yesterday, but I don’t think I made a dent in the amount of calories and carbohydrates I ate.

I went to a cousin’s baby shower where I’m pretty sure I didn’t see a single fruit or vegetable in the buffet line, went to a spaghetti dinner benefit lunch for an old friend’s father who was in a very serious car accident, and to top it all off, had McDonald’s for lunch on my way home this afternoon.

My justification for stopping at McDonald’s was that they have kid’s meals and Syd could play in the kid area for a bit after two hours in the car. Of course the one we stopped at had no play area and of course my kid taught me a lesson by refusing her cheeseburger and wanted only apple slices. Just in case you’re wondering, I had a Big Mac and fries, but this time, I do have major regrets.

I could have had a salad or grilled chicken sandwich, but I chose not to and I’m not even really sure why. It’s like I didn’t even think about it which blows my mind. So again, I will be working out more this week with a goal to do two workouts a day from Tuesday-Friday. I have no big weekend plans coming up that would involve celebratory eating and/or drinking, so I should be safe from the Indulgence Monster for a while.

Do any of you just eat whatever you want on the weekends and make up for it during the week or do you treat the weekend days like every other day? I know different things work for different people but look forward to hearing how you balance indulgences, planned or unplanned.

It feels great to be home and I can’t wait to get my workouts in this week!