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Vistaprint Promo Code 80 Off? Here’s the Best Coupon Now:

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Vistaprint has run a number of popular promotions over the years including 250 business cards for $9.99 or even 100 for free. Another deal that seemed too good to be true was their coupon code for 80% off in Canada.

The 80% off promo code VISTAPRINT80 actually wasn’t that great because it only applied to a few products like Economy business cards, websites, and specific promotional items. The 80% off code has since been discontinued and was replaced by several other promo codes like 33% off with few restrictions that may even include free shipping.

The Vistaprint promo code for 80% off, has expired, so here are better promo codes to consider instead:

Better Vistaprint Codes Than 80% Off:

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Deals of the Week
4. Featured promotions. Up 20% discount and free shipping on holiday...Show More
4. Featured promotions. Up 20% discount and free shipping on holiday cards, business cards, postcards, canvas, and more. View deals: Show Less
vistaprint coupon logo
New Customers: 25% Off
1. Plus free shipping on qualifying $75+ orders. Great discount for new...Show More
1. Plus free shipping on qualifying $75+ orders. Great discount for new accounts. View promo code: Show Less

*View all Vistaprint coupons here!

As you can see, the promo code for 80% off isn’t available. Here’s why:

What Happened to the Vistaprint 80 Off Promo Code?

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Scientists agree with Darwin, and our natural world was shaped by evolution and survival of the fittest. What’s true in nature is also true in marketing, and the Vistaprint 80% off promo code was destined to go extinct eventually.

That’s because the offer was for “up to 80% off” and only applied to select items. In addition, customers could probably sense that the “80% discount” was applied to original prices that were a bit unrealistic, and you had to pay salty shipping fees with economy speed delivery.

For example, imagine a grocery store offering an 80% discount on a gallon of $20 milk. In the end, you get a good price, but it’s a bit of a marketing ploy.

In recent years Vistaprint has focused more on streamlining their pricing and further improving their print quality instead of impossibly large discounts.

Best Vistaprint promo code 80 off now:

  • Get 80% off business cards with code VISTAPRINT80OFF
  • Take $80 Off $400+ orders with code 80OFFNOW (exp.)
  • Get $80 Off $500+ orders with code LADIESOFTHE80S (exp.)

Vistaprint 80 Off Promo Code Commercial:

You’ve probably seen tv ads for up to $80 off at like this one:

While they started with business cards, Vistaprint has expanded and now custom prints dozens of other products including Christmas cards and postcards. Actually, Vistaprint recently bought Easy Canvas Prints and also inked a deal with the Boston Celtics, so they’ve come a long way since those early ads!

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Even though the Vistaprint 80% off promo code has expired, there are a couple of great promotions running right now.

Good luck with your order and small business marketing, and thanks for stopping by Wonky Pie!