3 Tips for Weight Loss & Workout Motivation (What’s a #SweatySelfie?)

3 Tips for Weight Loss & Workout Motivation: (What’s a sweaty selfie?) Of course, we know that the biggest motivation is when we see our hard-work paying off. Results like the numbers dropping on the scale, feeling it in the way we wear our clothes, and having added energy, etc. This is what we call building your weight loss MOMENTUM.

But, unfortunately, this won’t happen overnight. Good things like changing your life forever TAKE TIME. So you have to stay patient, stay positive dedicated and persistent

Once we DO start seeing results, though, it gets easier and easier to make healthy choices in our daily life.

Stay committed. YOU WILL GET THERE.

Here are three tips to help you build your weight loss motivation momentum while on your health journey to a happier, healthier life:

1.) Practice Mindful Eating and Enjoy your Food

Luckily, on the Jenny Craig (it costs a lot!) program I get to enjoy some really tasty foods. Mindful eating is the practice of slowing down and truly taking the time to enjoy what you are consuming and nourishing your body with. One thing I’ve always struggled with is eating too fast and gobbling my food down without even really tasting it. It takes TIME for your brain to register that you are full, so SLOW down, what is the rush?

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2.) Take Sweaty Selfies After Your Workouts! (#SweatieSelfie)

If you’re like me, you feel your best and most empowered after a great workout session. Whether it’s kicking butt in the gym while on a cardio machine, weight lifting, running, spinning, doing a group class, or working out at home, there’s something about SWEAT that is just so encouraging! This is the perfect time to showcase your progress to your Instagram following. If you’re fearing a rebuke in the form of a low like count then you can always buy Instagram likes from Buzzoid!

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It’s physical PROOF. How does that one quote go? “Sweat is fat crying!“ YES!

Need motivation? Check out the #sweatyselfie hashtag on Instagram and twitter! Using hashtags will also boost your instagram followers, which will help make you feel even more confident!

3 Tips for Weight Loss & Workout Motivation

“I wear all black when I work out because it’s a funeral for my fat!“ YES! LOVE IT!

3 Tips for Weight Loss & Workout Motivation

Literally, by keeping record of your sweat sessions and documenting your journey with these photos, you’ll be able to see your hard work pay off I think there’s nothing more awesome than documenting your weight loss journey especially, all of the hard work you are putting in to bettering yourself!

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I’ve hopped on to the #sweatyselfie movement and totally recommend you doing the same! Have fun and post your photos to Instagram with the hashtag #sweatyselfie.

Currently, there are 164,904 #sweatyselfie photos! Awesome. Go team!

3.) Have a Daily GOAL Reminder!

My Jenny Craig Anywhere consultant, Amber, suggested this idea to me. Go out and buy a goal dress or outfit or do like I did and bust out a goal dress that you’ve had hanging in your closet.

Hang your outfit up, front and center, so you can see it/feel it everyday. It’s a great physical and visual reminder of what you are working so hard towards!

“There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decide to believe in themselves. Period.”

What’s your daily goal reminder? Do you have a #goaldress, outfit, or swimsuit that you’ve purchased to motivate you to reach your goals?

OK, get out there and get fit! I’ll see you at #SweatySelfie! – Missy