Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 33

Weight Watchers Weigh In Week 33: Let’s recap – last week I was up nearly 9 lbs after the 3-day walk and a birthday binge. The week before I had a stress related gain and the week before I was statistically the same (a .4 gain).

I was diligent this week about tracking, so diligent in fact that I had -7 points left in the week. Yes, I ate a bit too much but I tracked it anyway. I also drank a lot of water this week and started moving (albeit slowly) again after the 3-day walk. I anticipated I would lose some weight, simply from water weight and inflammation from the 3-day. What I got was this:

-16.6 Pounds
78.8 lbs Lost on WW to Date

Go home scale, you are drunk.

Seriously? I don’t even know how that happens. No matter what we say about calories in/calories out sometimes my body is just a mystery too me. Still I am THRILLED with the weight loss. It sort of erased the bad scale of August and I am down officially lower than I was when I got pregnant. Still being in the 260s now, while amazing, is still only part of the way (weigh) to go. But it is a big part. I even got my WW 75lb washer for my charm key-fob.

I am also very excited to be back on a fall routine. E1 started Kindergarten this week and 2 days in is loving it. I am also loving that I have a regular schedule to follow for my family. There will still be craziness, too much to do, and such, but at least it is some what predictable now. That helps my eating so much.

I suppose I should show you a full body shot since I haven’t in a while for comparison. Despite the giant loss it has been a long work day and I am feeling puffy but it seems like a good time to do it (i.e. Mr Goat was still up so I could make him take a photo of me).

Parts of my definitely feel smaller, and I am enjoying my waist emerging. I am frustrated that my pants sizes are not changing as quickly – or that fit is still a hard luxury to find. I am going to be in trouble when i need to start wearing pants as I am not sure I have any that fit me right now.

Thankfully skirts are forgiving. Other parts develop other issues as I get smaller however. E1 likes to “flap” my wings (my loose arm skin). He thinks it is hilarious and when I ask him not to it just seems funnier to him, while I am mortified inside. On the one hand I am proud of them, but I wish he didn’t notice them.

I think an important lesson to me is that there will ALWAYS be something you don’t love about your body, and there will always be parts that you like. Weight might change what your favorites are but you will always have areas of your body that are not appealing to you. Still, I am not in this for beauty, I am in this for health. If I was overly concerned about beauty I would wear makeup!

I don’t want to make too big a deal over this week’s weigh in, just as I didn’t want to worry about last week’s too much. I just want to keep tracking my food and see the scale continue to move in a general downward trend.

Until next week my friends, keep on tracking!

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