Weight Watchers Weigh-in: Week 43

Weight Watchers Weigh-in Week 43: No surprises here. I had a gain this week, but all things considered not a bad one.

+2.0 Pounds
90.6 lbs Lost on WW to date

Yes, two pounds is disappointing but there are a lot of bright spots in this gain.

It was ONLY two pounds. With great weight loss comes the potential for great weight gain. That it is only 2 lbs shows me that my efforts to regroup were partially successful.

I tracked it even on my worst eating days this week. There have been times when slipping up means not tracking and having a free-for-all for days, instead I kept tracking despite my eating.

I ended the week strong and in control. Tuesday I stayed in my daily points and I kept an eye on things. I was back on track BEFORE my weigh in rather than giving up on the week and waiting to start over.

Any of these alone is a NSV, the fact that all three are true is an indicator of how far I’ve come. The other thing that I should point out is a lack of shame. I tend to look at guilt and shame as different things. I can feel guilty for something I have done. Guilt is an emotion tied to my actions. Shame on the other hand seems to be tied to my person. Guilt can help me notice and change my behavior for the future, shame is just a form of self-hate more detrimental than helpful to me.

There have been times when failure leads me to be shamed, i.e. I am somehow not a good person because I failed. That seems to be a type of thinking that is fading away for me. Sure, it rears its ugly head from time to time, but mostly I know it is a lie. I have worth, no matter my weight or my successes or failures.

So I had a gain this week. It happened, I caused it. Now I will remedy it. Here is to having a great week this week!

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