Weight Watchers Weigh-In: Week 47

It seems like this week has been an endless one on Weight Watchers, perhaps because it was such a bad one food wise. In fact, I think a picture sums it up best:

train wreck

+5.2 Pounds
88.0 lbs Lost on WW to date

oof. That is a hard one to stomach. There is no denying it, I made poor choices this week. Some of them were for positive things. Like Date Night on Friday night to the St. Olaf Christmas Festival including a Norwegian buffet with many tasty once-a-year treats. (Lefse, not lutefisk)

Insulin is expensive.

Note to self: avoid diabetes.

Still no matter how you slice it, I fell down this week. I made poor choices. I chose to eat foods I shouldn’t have. I chose not to track. I seem to be incapable of doing things “part way.” I cannot just eat freely for one meal. One meal leads to two, to a day, to a week.

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I cannot stop at one dessert. Or one spoon of peanut butter. Or a few chips.

However, all is not lost. It never is and there are always new choices to be made. So this week I am making good ones. I tracked and was solid all day long. I ate veggies, I drank water, I got in 10,000 steps despite (because of?) a 12 hour work day.

I can do better. I plan to.

In the wisdom of a fellow Fitblogger…

many times start over