Weight Watchers Weigh-In: Week 60

Weight Watchers Weigh-In, Week 60 – I was up this week, and I have three suspected reasons why. I’ll get to that and my plan of action shortly. All in all it was a good week. I got out to Mr. Goat’s concert, I saw some friends and I almost got caught up at work.

The state of my house, laundry and such is still laughable however. I ate good, mostly clean food. I made smart choices most of the time, and I owned my not-so-smart choices.

But still…

+1.2 Pounds
98.0 lbs lost on WW to date

Frustrating. That I didn’t go off the rails this week and still saw a gain led me to do some trouble shooting and I suspect that this gain has its cause in three probable suspects, and the reality is probably a combination of all three in some form.

The suspects:

1. Hormones: A reality of women-hood and nothing to be done about that in terms of my response to a gain, but the timing is right.

2. Poor estimation: Every week there are a few meals that don’t translate easily into WW points. This is because I may be at a local restaurant that doesn’t post nutrition information online, or visiting someone’s house and having something someone else prepared so I am not privy to the recipe. It also happens at times, especially when away from home, I estimate my portions. This week held several of those types of events – including two meals on Sunday away from home. While I tracked Weight Watchers to the best of my ability I may have simply mis-estimated and eaten more points than I suspected. Considering that the majority of my weekly points went to Sunday it could have easily happened.

While I can be more vigilant about portions and measuring with my Weight Watchers tracking this week, I don’t know that I need to change much here. After all, there will be times estimation is necessary, and I am generally and honest estimator.

3. The nursing points: For weeks I have been slowing reducing my pumping and breastfeeding of E2. When she turned 1 she was still very reliant on the bottle at daycare especially but over the last 4 months we’ve gotten her off of bottles at school.

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I kept things up more to get her through her surgery to hopefully give her a few more antibodies as she kept fighting those ear infections, but in the last two weeks she has given up nearly every bottle (an occasionally early morning one if dad gets up with her first), and I only regularly breastfeed at bedtime. Even that is becoming unreliable as I often work in the evenings.

So at worst I pump once a day at best I pump/bf 3 times a day now. I have been clinging to the 7 points extra I receive for nursing part time, but I have been suspecting that I am no longer producing enough to require than many extra points. When I saw today’s gain I knew that my time with those beautiful extra nursing WW points were done. While estimation and hormones can contribute, this is one area that I can change and hope to see a difference.

So as of today I am down 7PP each day. It is a brutal shift but I made it through today. I stopped at the grocery store and brought some fruit back to the office to give me some snacks and while i used one weekly point today (on a bit of chocolate – see reason #1) I made it through the day on the reduced points.

I am hoping that after a week or two I won’t miss those points too much, but for now their absence is very obvious. Still I knew that it was coming for a while and it was time.

I am hopeful that making this change might mean I break the century mark at Weight Watchers next week. I’ve been so close for so long, but even if I don’t, it is time to face the facts that I simply don’t burn enough calories breastfeeding to justify the extra points any more.

There is sadness to losing the points, and an additional sadness in knowing that E2 is nearly weaned, but on the other hand it will be nice to reclaim my time and my body from the effort of feeding a child. And frankly I am going to give myself a big #NSV pat on the back for nursing/pumping for 16 months! It is not an easy thing and I am proud that I stuck with it.

So that is what is up with me this week. I hope to be reporting a good loss next week, assuming I survive the loss of that many WW points!

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