When it Rains…

…it pours.

This week has been tons better than last week, but it still has involved plenty of drama – asthma steroids make E1 crazed, teething secondary symptoms earned E2 an exclusion from daycare today, sleep has been harder to come by, oh and our debit card was compromised somehow. Fun times.

I feel so bad whining though, and rest assured, I am whiny about this. It just seems like it has been never ending this winter and I am so over it. I just want to get my work done, play with my well children, pay my own bills, find a chance to workout and sleep through the night.

I confess, today I ate a cupcake (not a giant one thankfully) – estimated at 7pp. And a cinnamon roll that my son insisted he wanted but then didn’t like – estimated at 11pp. I took my estimates from comparing to similar bakery items listed on the Weight Watchers app.

And they were delicious.

Despite that fact, I made good choices today for everything else and ended up only using 5 weekly WW points. It is funny, I can splurge “honestly” but I still feel sort of guilty for the splurge. Perhaps because while the cupcake was planned, the cinnamon roll was a unexpected-temptation sort of choice.

I think part of my was grouchy and didn’t want to throw away a real treat and waste the money (we’d gone to get a treat to celebrate not needing any more steroids for now as his lungs are clear again).

Some lessons require lots of practice to master. Today I give myself a C – I ate it, but I tracked points and adjusted the day accordingly.

I keep on trying. I keep on fighting for better choices. Sometimes I fall into old habits before I really give thought to what I am doing, but I try to respond accordingly.

Life happens. It has been especially happening for weeks around here, but I choose how I respond.

Tonight I am choosing water, blogging, and an early bedtime. It is a start