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WW (Weight Watchers) Before After Photos: Inspiring Pics + Weight Loss Results

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WW (Weight Watchers) Before and after pics: If you are thinking of joining a wellness or weight loss program like WW Weight Watchers, it can be very inspiring to see before and after photos showing users’ weight loss transformations. These photos are scattered online, and often posted on WeightWatchers.com and Instagram.

Well, the good news is you don’t have to spend hours scrolling and clicking to find pictures, as we did the hard work for you! Here are our favorite before and after pics of women and men with their WW weight loss results.

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*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

Brittany: WW Before & After Pics

weight watchers before after pics
  • MEMBER SINCE: 2015⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Reduce her blood pressure and gain the energy she needed to play with her kids
  • USED TO: Eat king-sized candy bars and two or more cans of soda every day⁣
  • NOW SHE: Replaces soda with water and her daily candy bar with a banana and chocolate peanut butter powder to satisfy her sweet tooth! ⁣

WW: Sara & Patrick Lost 30+ Pounds Each

If you have a minute, here’s an inspiring success story of a couple that does WW (Weight Watchers) together:

WW Before & After: Macy

weight watchers before after macy photos
  • WEIGHT WATCHERS member since Oct. 2018
  • JOINED WW to: Get more comfortable in her own skin⁣⁣
  • USED TO: Seek comfort in food and see exercise as a punishment⁣⁣
  • NOW SHE: Eats lighter versions of the foods she loves and embraces activities like yoga and hot pilates because they make her feel amazing!⁣⁣
  • ⁣⁣LOST: 56.4lbs 👏⁣ 

Before & After Pictures: Gladys

  • MEMBER SINCE: 2018 ⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Lose the weight she gained after a devastating loss⁣
  • USED TO: Go to the drive-thru or snack all day long instead of eating substantial meals, then binge eat at night⁣
  • NOW SHE: Uses measuring cups to monitor her portions, goes to Workshops for accountability, packs a lunch for work, and swaps processed snacks for fruits and veggies

Before & After: Chris Lost 100+ Pounds!

ww before after men chris
  • MEMBER SINCE: 2016
  • JOINED WW TO: Support his aunt, a breast cancer survivor, at WW Workshops
  • USED TO: Overeat chips, chocolate, and ice cream; avoid activity because it seemed too difficult; and hate how he looked in photos
  • NOW HE: Measures food servings and tracks what he eats; dances for exercise; and loves the way he looks in photos
  • LOST: 123 pounds

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Eric Lost 75 Pounds w/ WW (Weight Watchers)

ww men before after pictures
  • MEMBER SINCE: 2018
  • JOINED WW TO: Keep up with his kids and achieve wellness
  • USED TO: Eat fried foods all day—and night—at work in addition to regular meals
  • NOW HE: Pays more attention to why and when he eats, drinks more water, and meal preps to get ahead of the day
  • WEIGHT LOSS results: 75lbs

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Gracie Lost 100+ Pounds w/ WW:

  • MEMBER SINCE: April 2018⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Alleviate back pain and feel more confident at the gym
  • USED TO: Eat fast food every night and crash diet
  • NOW SHE: Cooks WW SmartPoints-friendly versions of her favorite foods and works out regularly at the gym⁣
  • WEIGHT LOSS: 119 pounds! 👏⁣ 
  • Already on WW? We have a free points calculator here

Georgia Lost 121 Pounds!

ww before after georgia
  • WW MEMBER SINCE: November 2017⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Alleviate arthritis pain ahead of her 40th birthday and feel more comfortable and beautiful⁣
  • USED TO: Look for quick-fix diets; eat lots of fast food; cook big plates of pasta or heavy fried meals at home, and eat her kids’ snacks and leftovers⁣
  • NOW SHE: Eats more lean meats and veggies, tracks less nutritious foods, visits fast-food restaurants less frequently, and strength trains, spins, or runs almost every day⁣
  • WEIGHT LOSS:121.5lbs* 👏⁣ 

*Georgia lost weight on a prior WW program and is continuing on myWW. People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week

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Before & After: Tamara

ww before after tamara
  • WW MEMBER SINCE: December 2015⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Ease joint and back pain and set a healthy example for her daughter⁣
  • USED TO: Eat fast food, pizza, burgers, fries, tacos, and huge bowls of ice cream before bed; move very little⁣
  • NOW SHE: Eats lean proteins, fruits, and veggies; plans ahead and packs snacks; cooks lighter versions of the recipes she loves; enjoys just one portion of ice cream; and walks on the regular⁣
  • WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS: 188.8lbs* 👏⁣ 

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Taylor’s 100 Pound Weight Loss:

ww before after taylor weight loss 100
  • MEMBER SINCE: November 2017
  • JOINED WW TO: Stop her weight from holding her back
  • USED TO: Binge eat fast food, overeat large quantities in response to stress and boredom
  • NOW SHE: Jogs, strength trains, or hops on the elliptical almost every day, eats healthy snacks like popcorn, and still enjoys her favorite foods like chicken nuggets, pizza, and spaghetti
  • LOST: 100 pounds

Neil Lost 24 Pounds (And is Married to the WW CEO!)

“The best thing about the WW app, I quickly realized, is that it forces you to focus on what you’re eating. Just paying attention helps you figure out what to eat in the first place, and that makes everything easier. Most importantly, from day one, I never felt like I was on a diet because I could eat what I wanted.”

Neil is married to Weight Watchers CEO, Mindy Grossman. I bet he got a good discount at sign up!

Before & After: Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson weight watchers before after

Jennifer Hudson lost 80 pounds after having her son in 2009. In an interview with People magazine, she said, “My experience with Weight Watchers has been truly life-changing. I am grateful for what I have learned throughout the process and will always take it with me.”

WW Before & After: Kate

weight watchers before after kate photo
  • ⁣JOINED WW TO: Lose weight without overhauling her lifestyle⁣
  • ⁣USED TO: Eat entire personal pizzas and chips by the bag without feeling satiated ⁣
  • ⁣NOW SHE: Exercises portion control and plans ahead for indulgences so she can have her pizza and lose weight, too⁣
  • WW WEIGHT LOSS results: 44lbs 👏⁣ 

WW Results: Megan Lost 75 Lbs.

weight watchers before after megan
  • WW (Weight Watchers) MEMBER SINCE: November 2018⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Take back control of my life and learn lifelong habits after many attempts at crash dieting
  • USED TO: Eat fast food 5 or 6 times a week, snack out of boredom, and eat until she felt sick⁣
  • NOW SHE: Keeps her kitchen stocked with healthy options, makes healthier versions of the dishes she loves, takes Orange Theory classes, and is training for a half marathon after running her first 5K this year⁣

WW: Kayleigh’s 100+ Pound Weight Loss:

ww before after kayleigh
  • WW (Weight Watchers) MEMBER SINCE: June 2018 ⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Overcome her insecurities and find happiness ⁣
  • USED TO: Eat lots of fast food and avoid physical activity⁣
  • NOW SHE: Cooks most meals at home using ZeroPoint foods—including lots of veggies—and earns FitPoints on the elliptical and Stairmaster⁣
  • WW WEIGHT LOSS: 107lbs

Photos of WW Weight Loss Results: Jennifer

  • MEMBER SINCE: October 2018
  • JOINED WW TO: Get fit for her wedding and beyond⁣⁣
  • USED TO: Eat heavy restaurant meals with fried starters like cheese fries and order in ice cream sundaes and shakes for dessert⁣⁣
  • NOW SHE: Cooks foods she loves—like burgers—at home using SmartPoints-friendly swaps (like turkey instead of beef); exercises portion control; and runs, cycles, and lifts weights ⁣⁣
  • WW WEIGHT LOSS results: 64.4 pounds

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Natalie Lost 100+ Pounds w/ Weight Watchers:

ww before and after pictures natalie
  • WW MEMBER SINCE: April 2018⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Get healthier—and stay that way!⁣
  • USED TO: Eat out regularly, binge-eat in private, and attempt extreme diets like Paleo, low-carb, and keto without success
  • NOW SHE: Makes lighter versions of her favorite dishes like pizza, sundaes, and cookies, leans on WW’s Connect community to find new recipes, and began walking, running, and racing as well as weight-training⁣ ⁣
  • WW WEIGHT LOSS: 106.4lbs 👏⁣ 

WW: Shelly Before & After Photos:

weight watchers before and after shelley pics
  • WW (Weight Watchers) MEMBER SINCE: May 2016⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Get off her high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes meds⁣
  • USED TO: Eat mostly fast food and sweets⁣
  • NOW SHE: Cooks with fresh ingredients, walks often, and interval trains with dumbbells⁣
  • WEIGHT LOSS: 38.4lbs 👏⁣ 

Before & After Photos: Melody

weight watchers before after melody
  • WW Weight Watchers MEMBER SINCE: January 2018⁣
  • JOINED WW TO: Lower her high blood pressure, tie her shoes without discomfort, and keep up with her two young sons ⁣
  • USED TO: Eat a pint of ice cream every night and pay little attention to portions
  • NOW SHE: Eat more whole foods; measures, weighs, and tracks foods with SmartPoints; takes after-dinner walks; and practices yoga, strength training, and dancing⁣
  • WEIGHT LOSS: 61.6lbs 👏⁣ 

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Before & After WW: Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson weight loss photos before after

Jessica Simpson lost 50+ pounds of baby weight with Weight Watchers in 2014 before becoming a WW brand ambassador.

More WW (Weight Watchers) Before & After Photos:

Want to see more photos? Here are a bunch more before and afters! Just click any picture to see it larger:

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Weight Watchers Before & After Photos on Instagram!

Want to see more weight loss results and transformation pictures from WW users? The WW Instagram page is updated regularly with inspiring posts and photos including before and afters. Here are a few highlights:

• Jake Lost 100+ Pounds w/ Weight Watchers:

• Brittany Lost 45+ Pounds w/ WW:

• Anna Lost 60+ Pounds on Weight Watchers!

• Ashley Lost 53 Pounds w/ Weight Watchers!

• Lisa Lost 100+ Pounds

Why Weight Watchers Doesn’t Post Before & After Photos:

Why doesn’t Weight Watchers post before and after photos? WW no longer posts transformation pictures online anymore, as they don’t want to imply that weight loss has a start and finish.

In fact, WW CEO, Mindy Grossman recently said, “We’ve made the decision to lose the expression ‘before and after’ because our members’ journeys are so much more about then than now,” she said. “A journey of health, with no beginning, middle or end.”source

OK, well we think it’s great to show photos of inspiring WW weight loss transformations, so we’ll keep posting them here!

Weight Watchers Before and After Photos of Transformations Are Inspiring!

WW (Weight Watchers) has helped millions of women and men lose weight and achieve their weight loss goals for a healthier and happier life.

Is Weight Watchers the best program for you? Maybe. No single diet or wellness program is best for every person, as people have unique personalities, lifestyles, and weight loss goals. Also, be sure to talk to your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet or attempting to lose a lot of weight!

If you do consider joining WW, check out the featured sign up promotion below, or all WW coupons here. (WW Canada)

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Not 100% sold on WW? Consider the super-hot weight loss app, Noom, which has been called “Weight Watchers for Millenials. (WW vs Noom?) They actually have a free trial this month.

Want to see more WW before and after photos? You can visit their Instagram page, or read about featured success stories on WeightWatchers.com

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.