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Weight Watchers Celebrities: Famous WW Ambassadors & Spokespeople!

Weight Watchers’ first celebrity spokesperson was actress Lynn Redgrave back in 1983. Since then a number of male and female celebrities have followed WW (Weight Watchers) and endorsed the program as ambassadors.

weight watchers celebrities

Surely you know Oprah, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Hudson, but there are some celebrities on this list who you might not know followed and endorsed Weight Watchers. We even added before and after pics when possible.

Here’s a list of current and former WW (Weight Watchers) celebrity spokespeople, plus celebrities who lost weight with Weight Watchers:

1. Jennifer Hudson (Singer, Actress, Celebrity, WW Spokesperson)

jennifer hudson weight watchers mag

You probably remember that Jennifer Hudson was an ambassador for WW Weight Watchers a few years back. In fact, Jennifer lost 80 pounds on Weight Watchers after having her son back in 2009.

ww before after jennifer hudson

She told People magazine, “My experience with Weight Watchers has been truly life-changing… I am grateful for what I have learned throughout the process and will always take it with me.”

2. Kate Hudson (Actress, Entrepreneur, Celebrity, WW Spokesperson)

Kate Hudson (no, not Jennifer’s sister!) is an actress, designer, celebrity, author, mom (of three!), and WW (Weight Watchers) ambassador. How does she do it all?


“I’ve got a baby who’s a couple of months old, a full-on teenager, and a seven-year-old. I think everything I do – from what I put in my body to the goals I set for myself—will reflect on them… My ‘Why’- my reason for joining WW; is to live the longest I possibly can for my kids.”

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3. Jessica Simpson (Singer, Actress, WW Celebrity Spokesperson)

ww jessica simpson before after
weight watchers magazine jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson was happy to endorse WW (Weight Watchers) as a brand ambassador back in 2014 after she lost 50 pounds and got back to her pre-baby weight.

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4. Tina Fey Lost 30 Pounds w/ WW (Weight Watchers):

tina fey ww

“That’s when I learned how to eat properly for the first time,” she told Women’s Health magazine in 2007. “Before, I used to be one of those people who wouldn’t eat anything all day, then eat a piece of cake at 4 p.m., McDonald’s at 10 p.m., and then go to bed.”

Although she seemed to find success with the diet, Tina Fey never served as an official spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

5. Cat Cora (Celebrity Chef, WW Spokesperson)

Celebrity chef, Cat Cora, is a WW (Weight Watchers) brand ambassador.

6. Jenny McCarthy (Celebrity, Weight Watchers Spokeswoman)

Jenny McCarthy weighed as much as 211 pounds when she was pregnant. She lost the baby weight with the help of WW (Weight Watchers) reporting that she, “kept it off using portion control, going to supportive meetings, and exercising.”

jenny mccarthy weight watchers magazine

7. Robbie Williams (Singer, Celebrity WW Spokesperson)

Photo credit: Daily Mail

Robbie Williams is a famous English singer-songwriter (and X-Factor judge) who lost weight with Weight Watchers. He is happy to endorse the weight loss program and serve as a WW ambassador.

8. DJ Khaled (Musician, Celebrity, WW Ambassador)

DJ Khaled lost over 40 pounds on WW Weight Watchers and is a celebrity ambassador for the diet.

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9. Tamela Mann (Gospel Singer, WW Celebrity Spokesperson)

tamela mann weight watchers

10. Oprah (Celebrity, Mogul, WW Ambassador & Spokeswoman)

Oh, come on… you already know Oprah as the face of WW Weight Watchers! She was so happy with her experience on Weight Watchers that she bought a stake in the company.

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11. Kevin Smith (Famous Director, WW Ambassador)

After a health-scare, Kevin Smith lost over 50 pounds with WW Weight Watchers and is now a WW celebrity ambassador.

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12. Eric Greenspan (Celebrity Chef, WW Spokesperson)

“For a long time, my weight and lifestyle kept me from enjoying mealtime. The WW approach is liberating, and it hasn’t only taught me how to eat – it’s taught me how to live.” – Eric Greenspan

13. Adamari Lopez (Actress, Latina Ambassador for WW Weight Watchers)

“My ‘why’ is my daughter. I love to show you that it is possible to have good health and enjoy our favorite dishes, instead of avoiding them” – Adamai Lopez

14. Annaleigh Ashford (Actress, WW Celebrity Spokesperson)

annaleigh ashford ww

Tony Award-winning actress Annaleigh Ashford has been a proud member of WW (Weight Watchers) for 11+ years!

15. Daphne Oz (TV Host, Celebrity, Famous Person, WW Ambassador)

daphne oz weight watchers

“I love that myWW simplifies my strategy for success and is customized to my unique preferences and lifestyle. WW works because it is flexible and lets us be humans with real lives, so we get to pursue our goals on our terms every day.” – Daphne Oz

16. Charles Barkley (NBA Legend, Celebrity, Weight Watchers Spokesperson)

charles barkley weight watchers

You might remember that back in 2012 Charles Barkley was a celebrity spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Charles reportedly lost over 50 pounds on Weight Watchers.

Here are WW before and after photos for Sir Charles Barkley:

weight watchers charles barkley

17. Motsi Mabuse (Dancer, Celebrity)

Motsi Mabuse is a South African professional dancer who appeared on “Let’s Dance,” and then became a celebrity judge on the show.

motsi mabuse weight watchers

Motsi Mabuse lost 30+ pounds following WW Weight Watchers!

18. Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York (Fergie)

weight watchers sarah ferguson

19. Lynn Redgrave: First Weight Watchers Celebrity Spokesperson

Who was the first Weight Watchers celebrity spokesperson? Actress Lynn Redgraves was the first celebrity to serve as a Weight Watchers ambassador, and WW started making commercials featuring her in 1983.

Yes, I’m old enough to remember the many Weight Watchers commercials during the 1980’s featuring their first celebrity spokesperson, Lynn Redgrave. (However, I don’t remember TV being so blurry!)

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*Note: In this post I tried to make a list of celebrities who have followed, endorsed, or served as a spokesperson at one time for WW (Weight Watchers). Their appearance on this list doesn’t infer that they still recommend or endorse Weight Watchers, so please check out the WW website at Weight Watchers.com for a list of current WW ambassadors.