WW Meeting Weigh-In Week 67

Weight Watchers Meeting Weigh-In Week 67: Another week, another weigh in. Sometimes I am bogged down by the repetition of all of this…the tracking, the weigh ins, etc. But I do snap to my senses because what other choice do I have?

The choice is between doing the work and losing weigh and bouncing back up to 350+lbs. Seeing as I don’t like the way my body feels or looks, not to mention my health, at that weight it really isn’t an option. So I keep going, even though sometimes I still grieve how I used to eat. (Of course it is better to grieve it than to slip up and eat that way, which I have been known to do from time to time).

I never know quite what to expect by the scale, but I had a strong week. More eating than I ought, but I did track and I had plenty of Activity Points to help offset things. I was more worried about the fact that I had lost 5lbs in each of the last two WW weigh-ins and I know that that pace is impossible to keep up. And sure enough I had a small loss this week, but it is still a loss and I am happy about that.

-0.8 Pounds
89.2 lbs lost on WW to date

When I am tempted to get down on a loss like this week I remind myself that it is three sticks of butter and I feel a bit better. Beyond that though I worked really hard and I met my non-scale goal of reaching my goal step count each day (10,000).

Despite making the goal each day I can look at these fitbit summaries and see clearly which days I worked out and which days I had steps that were a function of my daily life with no extra movement. But working out each day wasn’t my goal, getting to 10,000 steps was.

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