Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 42

WW Weigh In: I had a GREAT week on the scale. It was amazing because it was one of those weeks where I felt it might be a big week – I felt skinnier and my ankles and wrists seemed suddenly smaller. I wanted to have a good week because E2′s birthday is Friday so today’s weigh in marks roughly one year since her birth.

Though I started Weight Watchers in January and us that initial weigh in as a starting weight I also have the weigh in on the morning of my c-section with E2. I gained way too much weight with her, partially because I was stressed and ate emotionally, partially because constant eating kept me from getting sick, partially from bedrest/water retention and the sheer fact my body does not do pregnancy well.

I am going to be so bold as to throw some real numbers out at you today because I think this week deserves to be celebrated for my year’s efforts.

This week’s result:

– 8.5 Pounds

BUT that is not all! Take a look at some of this data.

  • Weight on 11/7/13 (E2′s birth day): 382lbs
  • Weight on 1/8/14 when I started WW: 347.6lbs
  • Weight on 11/5/14: 255lbs

Which means:

  • 92.6 lbs Lost on Weight Watchers to date
  • 127 lbs Lost since E2 was born (1 year)

That. Is. Crazy.

Crazy. I really cannot wrap my head around it. I know I had some things working for me, like not being pregnant any more and breastfeeding, but the fact that I have lost 90+ lbs on Weight Watchers says to me that I really fought for it.

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I can *maybe* consider that first bit of weight lost to be weight that came off naturally as my body readjusted to not being pregnant, but at least 90 of that….that is all me.

weight watchers weight loss

As I am writing this post I am really fluctuating wildly between wanting to brag and shout it all to the roof tops and wanting to admit it sheepishly and move on. Weight loss is tricky. I am beyond proud of myself for what I have done so far, with an infant, while working, etc. But I know there is still a LONG way to go. 255 is crazy awesome, but it isn’t yet a healthy weight for me to be.

Am I healthier? You know that I am.

Am I happier and more energetic? Yup.

All good things. So for today I am celebrating the fact that I accomplished some amazing things this year and it gives me the courage to keep on fighting and losing weight.

I have a feeling that my weight loss will slow as I continue to lose weight. I also am not looking forward to giving up my final extra nursing points, but I am not sure when I’ll have to face that hurdle.

I am not sure that weight loss every gets easier, but you gain more tools to help keep you on track. In the end it comes down to putting the work in, making the effort, being honest with yourself and loving yourself no matter what weight you are at. If I do those things I will see goal weight. (Note to self, start figuring out what my goal weight should even be).

I love that I can be honest with you all here. I can celebrate the successes and lament my failures and you walk with me in this journey. This little corner of the internet is such a help to me, so thank you for your support this year. I cannot wait to see what E2′s second year will bring her, me and the whole Goat family! And if you doubt that you can do it, please know this:

If I can do it so can you.

What would it look like if you dedicated yourself to making yourself healthier for just a year?

A year can make a world of difference.