Weigh In Week 49: Christmas Edition

Weigh In Week 49: Christmas Edition – Greetings from WI. We are visiting family over the holidays and managed to get mostly well enough to make the trip, though we are still laying low. Antibiotics are wonderful for things like strep but the associating virus/cold is still annoying. Still we are on the mend and we had a good holiday.

I did manage to head to my Weight Watchers meeting on Christmas Eve before the trip and was pleased with the result.

-9.0 Pounds
93.6 lbs Lost on WW to Date

I lost a great chunk of the weight I had gained thanks to tracking and surrounding myself with good food. Being sick with little appetite helped too. We’ll see where I balance out at the conclusion of the holiday season. I still have a few celebratory meals to make it through and I am striving for some balance this week.

It is nice to be home with my parents and to have some extra help with the kids. Hopefully it will help our recovery. It is also good to see friends, to celebrate and to take naps!

All in all it has been a great holiday so far. We’ll have a second Christmas celebration next week with Mr. Goat’s family and we (the kids especially) are already spoiled rotten.

The sun is out. I have a great support system and things are looking up.

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