WW Weigh In: Week 51

In the spirit of honesty I have to tell you, I very nearly skipped my Weight Watchers Weight In today. I was feeling discouraged and frustrated with my struggles and I thought about just quitting it out right. That is a thought that I’ve been having lately. I just want to quit – to quit having to worry about tracking or what I eat, t0 quit wondering how to find time to work out, to quit having to fight each day toward a healthier me.

I wanted to quit.

What I did instead was go to my meeting, weigh in, pick up a balanced lunch from Byerly’s, and track my food. I also unboxed my new sun lamp, sat there for 45 minutes and joined in on #wwchat tonight to get support from my fellow Weight Watchers on Twitter.

+2.2 Pounds
86.4 lbs lost to Date with WW

It is a frustrating number, but not half as frustrating as the mental war I have been waging as I try to remind myself that I can do this, and that I am worth it. It is so cold out.

There has been so much sickness through the family. I am just so tired that I really just want to eat and sleep – since I have to work and care for the kids sleep is limited so my go-to is eating.

So yeah, it hasn’t been pretty around here, but I am still fighting. I made good choices today and I did NOT give up. That is a victory.

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