yelling goat

Yelling Goat Memes! (Vegan Mascot Idea?)

If I were to pick a vegan mascot, I would choose the goat that yells like a man. The yelling goat is from a video on YouTube, uploaded about two years back, which has since become a meme and amassed over three million views.

Update: since writing this it’s available in a funny video of yelling goat memes:

Goats Yelling Memes – Compilation Video:

As internet memes are meant to do, the yelling goat has been sampled and remixed for laughs, mischief, and countless other purposes. We’re a little late to the party, but I want vegans and animal rights activists to get in on the action.

Can’t get enough of goats yelling like men?

More Yelling Goat Memes!

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Why on this green earth do you want vegan agriculture jammers to splice and sample a 25-second video clip of a goat yelling?”

Because that goat yells like a man. That’s not to anthropomorphize the goat (to claim that the goat is a human) but to highlight what we and other sentient beings have in common. Our senses. Our mutual ability to hear cries and feel pain.

It amazes me how so many people can be obsessed with all sorts of animal videos (including yelling goats!) Animals display traits that, even if not providing direct analogs to a given human experience or emotion, betray a peek at the internal lives of these sentient creatures.

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It amazes me that people can look at these videos, and then pretend that the animals they eat are nothing more than inefficient machines for converting grain to flesh. That the internal worlds of their minds are worth less than a fillet mignon.

Maybe we could remind them that, when you cut them, goats scream like men.