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5 Noom Breakfast Recipe Ideas (Mostly Green!)

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Breakfast is the most over-looked meal, but it’s arguably the most important. If you are on the Noom diet or thinking of joining, we put together a few breakfast recipe ideas that are mostly Green and all pretty healthy.

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Noom Breakfast Recipes:

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1. Sweet Potato Pancakes: Breakfast Recipe from Noom

sweet potato pancakes recipe noom
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90% Green / 120 calories per serving

I love the balance of sweet and salty plus some tang from the horseradish in this popular Noom breakfast recipe.

2. Vegetable Skillet Frittata: Breakfast Recipe from Noom

noom vegetable breakfast fritatta recipe
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Noom: 62% Green / 160 calories per serving

Sometimes I get a craving for a substantial breakfast, but don’t want to eat bread. Here’s a breakfast recipe idea for a tasty egg frittata.

3. Open-Face Egg, Tomato, Spinach Sandwich: Noom Breakfast Idea

egg sandwich noom breakfast recipe
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Noom: 82% Green / 215 calories

I keep hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator to quickly make tasty Noom breakfast recipes like this one. Plus, serving a sandwich open-faced cuts the bread in half.

4. Grilled Banana Sandwiches: Noom Breakfast Recipe

grilled banana sandwich recipe
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Noom: 55% Green / 450 calories

If you have kids or just want a sweet sandwich for breakfast, consider this recipe fit for a King.

5. Breakfast Smoothie w/ Berries: Noom Recipe

breakfast smoothie recipe noom

Noom: 81% Green / 150 calories per serving

Sometimes I just prefer a healthy smoothie that gives me lasting energy. Here’s a breakfast smoothie idea with only 6 ingredients.

Noom Breakfast Protein Cereal Recipe:

Here’s how to make your breakfast cereal more healthy while adding fiber, protein, and healthy fat:

In this Noom recipe, just add sliced bananas, strawberries, soy milk, and almonds to your favorite cereal or oatmeal.

More Noom Breakfast Recipes:

If you are looking for a simple DIY app-based diet that’s like Weight Watchers (50% off coupon) for Millenials, consider Noom. One of the best features of the app is its hundreds of recipes including breakfast ideas with nutritional info including how “green” they are.

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