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You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To: As my daughter gets older (she’s 4 now) there seems to be a common theme to a lot of our recent conversations. Each and every time she starts to do something that’s a little bit hard she throws up her arms or declares that she can’t do something.

Nora Dressing Herself:

  • Nora — “I can’t do it”
  • Me — “Just try, put your feet in there with the tag in the back”
  • Nora — “I

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Confession: I Always Wear A Shirt At The Pool

Confession: I Always Wear A Shirt At The Pool – (fat “guy”) We take the kids to the pool a lot in the summer. This year we signed up a month or so into the swim season and ended up going about 2 – 3 times per week, especially on the really hot days. We’d usually go in the evening after I got off work or on the weekend after our little one finished his nap. The evenings were by far the least crowded and gave us the best time to play with the kids without being trampled. It was always a ton of fun and the kids absolutely loved it.

Look, I’m even in a shirt at the beach

Now that the swimming season is over I have to own up to a overweight social problem I have with pools & large bodies of water … I always wear a shirt at the pool (and the beach for that matter) and it’s not to reduce sun exposure. Except for when I’m doing laps for triathlon training, if there is someone other than my wife and kids around, I’m wearing a shirt.

*Look Dad, a commercial to lose 18 pounds now!

No, I don’t have the inspiration that Roni does nor the confidence of Sue to wear what I want. Right now I can’t imagine not wearing a shirt to be completely honest.

I recently had two really difficult social moments during my triathlons related to clothes. The first was during my first Sprint triathlon. I felt like it was too short to wear my new wet suit so I went shirtless for the swim. Well the shirtless “during” the swim wasn’t the problem, it was the 45 minutes waiting beforehand and the 2 – 3 minutes running out of the water into transition that was difficult.

Being around all of the amazingly fit people made me feel a tad bit inferior to be honest. I know, I know, I should be proud of what I’ve accomplished and few people have done a triathlon. That still doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable with the state of my body.

The second was during my triathlon. After the bike I had to change completely out of my cycling clothes and into my running clothes. While I was wearing my swim trunks as a base (even though we didn’t swim) that was all I stripped down into in the middle of transition. Obviously I’ve changed in a locker room a million times but not out in the middle of a crowd infested transition area with lots of watching eyes.

Even though I never hear anyone say anything about me, my subconscious was playing games on me imagining all of the things people might say. I think that is actually my underlying problem, my mind does more damage than the words of anyone around me. My wife has tried talking me into wearing my shirt but I’m stubborn and won’t budge.

I don’t know when or if I’ll ever be comfortable not wearing a shirt around water. I can assure you one thing though, my shirt never effects me playing with my kids and having a good time in the water. With it on I’m a laughing, kid throwing, dunking, splashing, goofy dad who loves to play in the water. Without it I worry that I’d be too self conscious and not be the same person I am with it.

So for now, because it’s not preventing me from being me, I don’t think it’s hurting. Ideal, no … but I never said I was perfect. I’ll work on seeing if I can’t take it off a few time next summer, at least now I have a few months to mentally prepare.

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Happy Weigh In: Losing 200 Pounds

A Happy Weigh-In, 200 Pounds Gone Forever: I certainly didn’t expect to end this week with the emotions I’ve been feeling in the past 12 hours. From the run last night to this morning it’s been crazy. This day has been 11 years, 5 months, and 27 days in the making and after a great deal of time and a great many challenges I can finally say to the world … I’ve lost 200 pounds.

I started this journey in January of 2007 at 400 pounds with Nutrisystem, later ditched it for Weight Watchers, and today I stand before you weighing in at 199.6 pounds. I stand before you a very happy, humble, energized, and motivated husband, father, and son.

My Scale Is Finally Below 200

It’s like a stage of Le Tour de France … I mean, check out all those hors catégorie climbs. Fortunately though, this stage ends on a decent so the sprinters will have a chance at this one 😉 … if you’re not a cyclist then that won’t be funny at all sorry.

I was going to start this post with all of the cool meanings behind the number 200, things like:

200 — The sum of dollars given in the classical Monopoly game to a player passing Go
200 — An HTTP status code indicating a successful connection (yes, I’m a web nerd)
200 — The smallest unprimeable number, it can not be turned into a prime number by changing just one of its digits to any other digit
200 — Roman Numeral CC

I’m sure I could have went on and on … but then I realized something. This event isn’t about the quirky oddities of a number to me, this isn’t that kind of posting. To me …

  • Losing 200 pounds is about being able to run instead of walk.
  • Losing 200 pounds is about being able to cycle instead of drive.

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