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Nutrisystem 2-for-1 Promo Code: Best BOGO Deal Now?

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Nutrisystem is usually running at least one promotion, and the best ones are during diet season and before holidays. One of these popular promotions is their “2 for 1” sale. So, is the two-for-one promotion available, and if so, is it the best signup deal?

Here are today’s best deals to join plus how 2 for 1 works, if available.

Best Nutrisystem Offer Now:

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Well, it looks like the 2-for-1 or “BOGO” deal isn’t available now, and hasn’t run for a long time. Here’s how it worked.

The Nutrisystem 2 for 1 Deal:

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“Introducing the 2-for-1 Sale! Order Any Weight Loss Plan and Get 2 Months for the Price of 1. Act Now: ALL PLANS on Sale Until You Meet Your Weight Loss Goal!”

Nutrisystem Facebook Sale

Nutrisystem used to frequently advertise a 2-for-1 deal on Facebook. This 2 for 1 sale essentially got you a “free” month of food when you used promo code 2FOR1. However, you had to pay the inflated regular price for the first month, which made the promise of a “free” month misleading.

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Also Known As the Nutrisystem BOGO Deal:

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I mean, how do you NOT dance when you see a Nutrisystem BOGO deal?!

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nutrisystem bogo
  • BOGO Savings: Buy one month at the full retail price and get your second 4-week plan shipment free with code: BOGO
  • Bonus savings: After your second shipment, you receive 50% off the full retail price for all future 4-week plan shipments

Wait, what? The Nutrisystem BOGO promotion probably confused a lot of people, as it seemed to ultimately be the same as the 50% off sale.

Was BOGO (Two Months for the Price of One) the Best Deal?

Actually, the 2 for 1 sale wasn’t that great because it didn’t lock in a low monthly rate for autopay. You also don’t have to be a genius to realize that getting one free month when you buy a month is the same as getting 50% off two months.

I assume that a lot of Nutrisystem customers were dismayed when they realized that they were paying a higher rate than expected after the first two months ended.

As a result, Nutrisystem discontinued the two-for-one sale, and now they just promote the popular 50% off sale instead which does lock in the same low price every month.


Seems Like the Nutrisystem 2 for 1 and BOGO Sale Have Been Discontinued:

All good things must end, and such is the case with Nutrisystem’s 2 for 1 and BOGO offers. Actually, it wasn’t that great, anyway.

The silver lining is that they simplified their promotions and also discontinued the $199 and $249 deals. So, if you do sign up, you’ll now pay the same rate every month with no surprises on your credit card. They also now have codes for freebies like cookies and a free shaker bottle.

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