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Nutrisystem Body Reboot Week: How the First Week Works!

Fast initial weight loss with any new diet is very motivational. Seeing progress quickly helps to keep you on track, and can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure.

In that spirit, Nutrisystem has you hit the ground running the first week with their Body Reboot Week. Read on to learn how it works, and if you’re thinking of joining, check out our coupons!

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What is Body Reboot Week?

bodyreboot nutrisystem

So, what exactly is Body Reboot Week? Nutrisystem’s first week has been called different things in the past including Turbo 13, FreshStart®. Body Reboot is basically the same concept with a new name.

On they say Body Reboot will, “Kickstart your weight loss with a special first week of meals and snacks designed to reboot your body and accelerate weight loss.”

Body Reboot is a more restrictive week of eating and calorie restriction that aims to break your body from those bad eating habits that cause cravings and weight gain.

The main goal of this week of specially selected foods is to nudge your body to make the switch from burning carbs to fat as fuel. That change in your metabolism is really the key to weight loss, and after Body Reboot Week you should be prepared for months of steady weight loss. Here’s what you eat during the first week of the Nutrisystem program:

Body Reboot: What You Eat

Your first delivery from Nutrisystem includes everything you need for Body Reboot including:

  • 7 days of specially selected healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • 7 chocolate shakes packed with protein and probiotics to support digestive health and help bust belly bloat.
  • 7 Nutrisystem snacks that crush hunger with the protein and fiber you need to stay satisfied between meals.

Sample menu: Here’s what a day of eating during Body Reboot Week looks like:

nutrisystem body reboot

Don’t forget to drink at least 64 oz of water every day!

Body Reboot Week: How Much Weight Loss?

Nutrisystem doesn’t publish a specific weight loss goal for this first week. Instead, they present it as the most important part of the first two months in which they claim you can lose 18 pounds and 10 inches.

A study concluded that the average weight loss during the first two months of Nutrisystem was 15.4 pounds and 9.8 inches. That’s pretty close to their claim, so it seems to be a realistic goal.

Getting Started:

If you’re thinking of signing up for Nutrisystem, we can help you decide if the diet is a good fit for your lifestyle and personality. We explain the Nutrisystem program in detail in our review, including how it works and the cost. If it sounds like a good option, check out our coupons for BOGO and up to 50% off all plans including Uniquely Yours.

If you decide that Nutrisystem isn’t your cup of tea, you can consider other meal-delivery diets like Factor 75, Diet-to-Go and Medifast. If you like to cook and don’t want to commit to meal delivery, we highly recommend Noom and WW Online.

Be sure to run any major change in diet or exercise by your doctor and thanks for stopping by Wonky Pie!