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Jessie James Decker (E!) Interviewed About South Beach Diet

Jessie James Decker talks about weight loss with the South Beach Diet at the E! Red Carpet and Award Show. Here’s the full interview:

Jessie James Decker talks about weight loss, kids, and the South Beach Diet: (Video)

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I think at this point with the South Beach Diet, obviously it’s a comfort it’s a familiarity, because I’m just I’m used to doing the diet, but I also feel like I keep going back to because it works.

After my second baby, I had already lost weight when I joined the South Beach Diet, but I relied on South Beach to be consistent, and to maintain the weight loss. But, after baby two, or three, this is actually the first time I really did the diet from top to bottom.

Comfortable with the South Beach Diet

Like, I started with it, and I have now lost all the weight, and this is the fastest I have ever lost weight before. After babies, it does get harder. After each child, the recovery is harder. I’ve had three c-sections, I’ve had nine pound babies, all of them were just massive, and I’m a very I’m a petite person. When you see me in person, I’m like really little.

So, that’s a lot for me, and so the recovery is harder. I always gain a lot more weight than you’re supposed to according to the doctors with my kids, because I just veg-out. But, this is such a great program, because they lay it out for you. The South Beach Diet makes it so easy, there’s none of this meal-prepping that you have to think about.

You know, like what your breakfast is, what your lunch is, your dinner, and your snacks. Because I was breastfeeding, I’m not interested anymore. He’s nine months old now, but when I was nursing, I started with Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet, so it’s a little bit more calories.

If you’re not nursing, or you just want to jump right in, Phase 1 of South Beach is very low carbs, if not any. It’s just vegetables and protein, and Phase 2 and Phase 3 you start introducing those fats back in. You start introducing a little bit more of the carbs back in; good carbs.

To break down my South Beach Diet meal plan: for breakfast, they have these turkey sausage English muffin little sandwiches that are delicious! I’ll have one of those and that’s about 220 calories, which is perfect and the protein is very high.

Then, I’ll do a workout, and then I’ll have a protein shake. I’ll have the chocolate caramel shake which is delicious and only 150 calories. There’s also 20 grams of protein, actually. We just came out with a new and there’s actually, I think there’s even more protein in this new shake! Very high protein for lunch; I will have the brown rice and vegetables; delicious!

Then, for dinner I will make something at home so I’m not always relying on the South Beach meals. I’ll make a chicken, or I’ll make a very lean steak, or a flank steak with vegetables, or I’ll have gumbo which is very low in calories.

South Beach Diet: Gumbo is good!

Actually, it’s only like 160 calories for a cup. I made gumbo weekly; it’s my favorite thing in the whole world. It’s been that way since I was kid, and I need to talk to South Beach so we can make our own so people can actually go home with it. It’s very good for you! It’s very healthy. The only thing is, we put flour in the root; other than that, their gumbo is very good for you. It’s vegetables, it’s a broth.

I mean, my advice is to just get in the mindset. You can’t start a diet unless you’re ready. If you’re not ready then it’s not going to work. You have to I always become a little like, okay I have to stay on. I have to be consistent.

My brother pushes me

Luckily, my brother is in fitness. He has a program called Strong Sexy Fitness workout program. My brother is the one that pushes me. He does. I call my brother when I’m feeling like I don’t think I can do this, or I’m just having a really tough day, or I gained a couple of pounds back.

My brother John is always like, stay on top of it; I want you to go to the gym right now. 45 minutes, put it in there. Watch what you’re eating today, don’t overdo it. Look, sometimes you need that person that can just give you that tough love, and as soon as he kind of resets my brain back, okay I need to stay on top of it and I get excited.

Don’t get discouraged!

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When you start seeing those results, that’s when you want to keep going with it, you know? Don’t get discouraged if all of a sudden the scale goes back up again. It’s all about the process. It’s getting over that hump and staying consistent.

To go back to your question, I don’t think you can get started until you’re really mentally ready to go. When I see messages back from girls going, “okay I’m doing this, too,” or, “I’m gonna work out today,” – it makes me feel like I’m doing it with them, even though I might be the one that’s pushing them. I don’t really know… they kind of pushed me back, so it’s like okay. We’re all doing this together.

I’m not alone

It’s nice that I know there are hundreds of girls out there that are doing the elliptical or doing squats with me, and it makes me feel like I’m not alone. I’m just like everyone else trying to just get it together. You need to be at a high intensity. So, if you can’t do high intensity, everyone’s body is different.

If you can’t do a high-intensity, you can do 30 minutes of walking, 45 minutes of walking, and then maybe some light weights. I like to get in and get out, so I do extremely high-intensity zero breaks for 45 minutes or less sometimes; 30 minutes straight, and then as soon as I’m done and I do really heavy weights. Then, I’m done, I have my South Beach Diet shake, and I’m gonna take a break favorite date night.

Steak houses are good!

We love going to like steak houses because I love red meat! So, we like to sit at the bar and we’ll have some wine and steak and just hang out one-on-one together. We like sitting at the bar a little bit more because we feel like it’s less of a commitment, you know. We just kind of sit there and I feel like it’s a little sexier. Or, we’ll take a bubble bath together, and hopefully, the kids don’t pop in there, because sometimes they do!

We’re trying to take a bath, and just to have a conversation with one another, and someone will come in and be like, “can we get in?” But, we try.

We’ve got three kids and we always say, you know we’re so fortunate to have these beautiful babies and one day they won’t be here in our house and they grow up and leave and we’ll have plenty of time. So, for now, we just kind of enjoy it, and don’t stress too much about that.

Two New Year’s Resolutions

A long time ago I made two New Year’s resolutions. One was obviously to maintain my health and fitness to keep on track as I’m doing, so well. Right now I want to keep going and I just told you I need to lift more weights because I got to get back in that.

The other one was to be more social. I get in such a bubble with my family, I sometimes don’t hang out with anybody. It’s just me and my husband and my kids because I’m so comfortable and I only have my siblings, my brother, and sister, because they live in Nashville.

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I told Eric I’m like, you and Jessie have to go to more events in town and hang out with more friends and get better at that, because we love our friends and we love being social. We get so comfortable in our little nest, so there’s nothing wrong with that I feel like it’s an okay thing to stay in our bubble, but that’s the new year’s resolution. Try to get out!