flame broiled chilcken restaurant

17 Restaurant Logos w/ Animals Serving Their Own Meat!

Have you ever noticed restaurants that use cartoon animals as mascots in their logos? The most popular ones are for fried chicken, or pigs selling BBQ.

Once you see it, you can’t stop seeing the signs on highways, in strip malls, and even amusement parks.

Our kids were the first to point it out to us, as I guess we’re so desensitized that we didn’t even notice. To them, it’s funny and fascinating, and they will make cartoon voices to match the logos saying something like, eat me, I’m delicious!

Tip: In case you thought the pigs and chickens didn’t want to be eaten, they usually give humans consent with an encouraging thumbs-up and smile!

A lot of the time the chicken or pig is actually shown as a cannibal or serving themselves happily in the logo.

Here’s a sampler of cartoon chickens and pigs advertising their own meat:

Chickens Serving Fried Chicken? (So Wrong!)

Before we get started, maybe you remember seeing this hilarious old SNL skit with Phil Hartman for “Cluckin’ Chicken” that gets the message across brilliantly.

pollo camparo logo chicken

Go ahead and serve yourself! I remember when there was a Pollo Campero in Disney Springs. Yikes!

chicken delight restaurant logo

Wow, look at the sexy eyelashes on that cannibal. How YOU doin’!?

fried chicken fest
chicken restaurant logo

It’s not just American restaurants that like to use cartoon chickens to sell their own meat. Wait, I can’t see his legs, so he may actually be eating himself in the heat of those flames! That chicken is hardcore!

Chickens Giving Thumbs-Up (To Their Own Murder)

Consent definition: [kuhn-sent] To permit, approve, comply, or yield. “The chicken gave his consent to be decapitated, mechanically separated, and eaten by giving an enthusiastic thumbs-up!”

smokey joe chicken logo

Look, that chicken has evolved to have thumbs. Let’s eat him!

chicago fried chicken logo
chicken cartoon head chop funny

Are you sure you’re OK with this, Clucky?

macks chicken shack logo

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lucky chicken rice logo

Aw, man. Why is HE so lucky? I wish I could get mechanically separated and served with rice. ☹️

mr c chicken logo

Are you sure you want to be decapitated, fried, and passed through an obese child’s intestines while he plays Grand Theft Auto on his iPad? ? …Well then… OK!

chicken popop logo

See, it’s not just Americans who personify cartoon chickens and make them sell their own meat! I feel a tiny bit better now.

Pigs Want to Be Eaten, Too!

Pigs are gentle creatures and studies have found that they are smarter than dogs and even 3-year old children. Maybe that’s why they’d like to be killed and cooked over flames?

famous daves bbq logo

You thought only chickens were cannibals? This pig is dying to eat his friend’s rib cage. Mmmm…

thirsty pig logo

Remember, people usually won’t eat pigs without consent…

pig out chicken ribs logo
uncle bub pig logo
too smoked pork logo

Did you know: Some pigs are so extreme, they like to ride the piping hot smoker to their own execution!

rolling smoke bbq logo

It’s kind of like Jesus carrying his own cross to Golgotha, except delicious. Righteous, righteous!

rebel pig bbq restaurant logo
yummy bones bbq
Ewww, really?

OK, I’m (Well) Done

I could just keep posting these logos from fried chicken and BBQ places all day. The point here is that it’s frightening how desensitized we are to the pain and death of animals when it comes to food.

Can you imagine if aliens came to earth and decided humans were tasty? Their restaurant logos might look something like this:

fried human restaurant

I heard they keep the kids in cages to stay extra tender!

Ugh – It all kind of makes you want to be a vegetarian if you really think about it.