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Weight Watchers Weigh-In: Week 35

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 35 – I was shocked to discover that it has been a week since I blogged. I hate it when that happens because it often keeps me from keeping myself in check. Luckily this week it had little to do with being on track/or not with my healthy goals but much more to do with how busy life has been.

I worked a lot up until Sunday – including 3 hours on Saturday which I prefer to avoid if possible. I also had a rare date night on Monday night to the Twins game. Add to that the fact that the whole house has colds and isn’t sleeping very well, I just haven’t had the time and energy to open the computer too.

Still, as I said, I was on track this week with my food. In fact I made some really good choices throughout the week and it showed.

-1.4 Pounds
82.2 lbs Lost on WW to date

It is a good result, especially since it is my third loss in a row (I always expect my body to have an adjustment gain along the way). More importantly than the number on the scale this week I had some victories that I want to remember from the week. The first came at date night on Monday. Mr. Goat and I went to the Twins game. Normally this is an excuse to eat overpriced food by the barrel.

I managed my points for the day and left plenty of weeklies on hand too just in case. When I went I had a single bratwurst (the expensive one from the local handmade deli) with fried onions. Mr. Goat and I also split some nachos grande later on. That was all I had for the nine innings – no beer, no malt cups or fries or additional hot dogs. When I tracked all that I ate for the day I only used 2 weekly points from the allotted amount. Home-run for me (the Twins lost though).

Yesterday was another victory. I had to go to Costco for work, which means samples. (Did you know you can buy discounted gift cards for diets like Nutrisystem at Costco?)

For the first time ever I tracked my samples (1 pp per sample was my estimate). Most of the samples were healthier snack things but rather than ignore those BLT (Bites, Licks and Tastes) I tracked them instead and kept myself accountable. I am sure that tracking them yesterday kept me from eating too much last night and helped me stay on track for a loss.

What I like about both of these NSV is that they show that I am not using everyday life as an excuse for not tracking or ignoring my goals for a bit. Instead I am able to live life fully AND lose weight. It is a cool feeling.

This week at the meeting we were talking about how do we know that we will make it to goal. It was an interesting meeting and motivating to hear from people who have reached goal and maintained it. I still have a long way to go and there are days I am not certain I will get to goal, or at least to a specific goal weight.

However, I believe that I can continue to lose weight and that at some point goal will be a reality for me. In many ways it is too far away to imagine fully, but the empowering part for me is knowing that I have the CHOICE to get there.

We work with choices with E1 – if he chooses x (to misbehave) then there are y consequences, if he chooses a (to listen) then there are certain things we can do instead (b). The choice is his. Likewise the choice for what I eat, and how I view food, and what I track is my own, but likewise there are consequences and rewards for the choices I make.

Even though goal seems almost impossible I know it is possible because I am making the choice everyday to move toward it. And I have 82.2 examples that I have the strength to make the good choices.

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