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5 Home Chef Coupons, Promo Codes: $30-110 Off • 2024

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HomeChef.com promotions: Home Chef delivers everything you need to make delicious gourmet quality meals yourself in about 50 minutes. Just choose your favorite recipes or go with their recommendations each week.

Meal-delivery services can seem expensive, but Home Chef offers some great coupons and promotions to bring down the price. Here are today’s best coupons for up to a $100 discount and free shipping on your first four deliveries.

Home Chef Coupons: Best Now | How to Use | $100 Off | Free Trial? | Referral Bonus

Best Home Chef Coupon Codes:

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Home Chef: $110 Off
1. Wow, best deal! FIrst 4 boxes. Take $30 off your first 2 boxes and $25...Show More
1. Wow, best deal! FIrst 4 boxes. Take $30 off your first 2 boxes and $25 off your 3rd and 4th boxes. Apply code: Show Less
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Home Chef: 50% Off
2. First 4 orders! Get Home Chef promo code:Show More
2. First 4 orders! Get Home Chef promo code: Show Less
home chef logo coupon
First 5 Boxes: $169 Off
3. First 4 orders $35 off plus $29 off your 5th order. Hurry, ends soon. Get promo code...Show More
3. First 4 orders $35 off plus $29 off your 5th order. Hurry, ends soon. Get promo code and learn more: Show Less
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Home Chef: $90 Off
4. Nice! $30 off 1st box, $30 off 2nd box, $15 off 4th and 5th. Apply...Show More
4. Nice! $30 off 1st box, $30 off 2nd box, $15 off 4th and 5th. Apply coupon: Show Less

How to get the best deal:

There are several Home Chef promo codes, so which one is best? Here’s how to get the best deal when you sign up at homechef.com:

  1. Click their featured “$90 off” promotion
  2. Promo code AFF90OFF will be applied for $90 off the first 4 boxes
  3. Refer friends for a $35 credit for each one who signs up.

Follow those steps to get the best possible deal right now when you join Home Chef!

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How to Use a Coupon:

Don’t ever just go to homechef.com and signup with the on-site offer. You can save a lot more if you take a minute to find a better deal on a site like Wonky Pie! In fact, most coupons are applied instantly when you click on a promotional link or banner, like this:

home chef voucher code applied

The second way to get a discount at HomeChef.com is to use a voucher code. Here’s how:

Have a Voucher Code?

Here’s how to use a promo / voucher code:

1. On the payment screen, look for a text link that says, Promo code or gift card like this:

enter promo code here

2. Click, “apply code” and if the code is valid you will see your itemized savings like this:

home chef promo code applied

If you have another voucher code to try, just click, “change voucher code” next to the “Voucher code applied” message.

*No code needed: Apply $100 coupon!

Promo code not working? Most of the codes I try using from coupon sites don’t work, and result in a “invalid promo code” message on homechef.com! We test all codes before posting them, so please let us know if a coupon isn’t working, and we’ll give you a free box of goodies!

Best Home Chef Deal? $80 Off, $100 Off, or 50% Off (Digital Coupon)

home chef digital coupon 80

There are usually a couple of coupons out there, so which one is best? Common coupons will give you $35-40, but during peak seasons, it’s possible to save even more.

I’ve seen coupons for $50-80 or even $100 off around New Year’s, but there’s a catch. With those promotions, the savings are spread out over 3 months or more. Well, not a catch, but you should understand how the savings work.

home chef coupon 100

Tip: The “$50 off” is usually: $30 off your first order, and $10 off your second and third order, for a total savings of $50. The amazing $100-off coupon is $25 off your first four deliveries!

Wow! That’s a pretty sweet subscription deal. Want to eat more vegetarian meals? We also have a coupon for $30 off Purple Carrot!

Home Chef: Free Trial or Free Box Promotion?

home chef free trial box

Shipping perishable food is expensive, and delivery costs are clearly Home Chef’s biggest expense. For this reason, they don’t offer a free trial or free box, as they are already losing money on their $30 off new customer promotion. However, you can take advantage of the low initial cost to try it out as a new customer, and then quit anytime if you aren’t loving it.

“Just Like a coupon” – Get a $35 Credit If a Friend Signs Up

Psyched about Home Chef? Another neat bonus (not really a “coupon,” per se) is that Home Chef will give you a $35 voucher for every friend you refer who signs up. There’s always a “Earn $35 Credit” button on their site which prompts you for the email addresses of anyone you think might also like Home Chef.

home chef referral credit

So, if you get a friend or family member to sign up, you’ll instantly get a $35 credit on your account. Sweet!

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Tip: A Home Chef Coupon Is Always Available!

Besides Home Chef, there are a number of other names in the “meal kit delivery service” space, (over 100 brands!?) and they are all competing for your business. For this reason, you can usually find a coupon or promotion to get a great price, so don’ t ever pay retail as a new customer!

Thanks for checking out our Home Chef coupons! We also have deals for other meal and wine delivery services like Factor Meals. If you have a valid coupon code that you’d like to add, please drop us a comment below. Thanks for stopping by Wonky Pie!

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