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Purple Carrot Discount Codes, Coupons, Promotions • 2020

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Eating more plants is good for you and the planet! Purple Carrot (our review!) is a leading plant-based meal-delivery service and a convenient way to cook up super-tasty and healthy vegetarian and vegan meals.

Speaking of being “green,” we can save you some green with our Purple Carrot coupons and promo codes for up to a $30 first-time discount on the cost of any subscription! Plus, after you join you can earn a free box to send to a friend. Here are today’s best discounts and promotions for Purple Carrot:

Top Coupons & Discount Codes Now:

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    (Wow!) Ends 4/30/20

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    New customers. Click for promo code:

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First, some inspiration. Interested? Use a coupon!

Using a Coupon or Gift Code:

There are two ways to get a discount at PurpleCarrot.com: clicking a promotional link or by using a promo code. Here’s how each method for saving works:

1. Promotional Link / Banner:

Purple Carrot is doing a lot of advertising lately, and a lot of the ads feature coupons for $20-25 off. And, while browsing on their site, you might also notice a popup coupon like this:

purple carrot coupon 25

Just clicking either of these links or banners will apply the advertised coupon to your shopping cart. After you click through, you’ll come to a landing page that shows the discount like this:

purple carrot discount tb12 applied

You’ll also notice the discount itemized on the payment screen of checkout. The second method of getting a discount is by using a promo code.

2. Promo code:

You may have gotten a code from the radio, a podcast, Tom Brady’s TB12, (he partnered with Purple Carrot) or from a site like Wonky Pie. If so, you can enter it on the payment screen of checkout. Here’s how:

Just find where it says, Apply a discount or gift code under your order total and enter the code there. Click apply, and you should see your savings listed next to, “Your first box discount” like this:

purple carrot apply discount gift code

Discount code not working? I test all of the codes I post on this page, and I notice that a few of the ones I found on coupon sites don’t work! I also notice that codes for $30-off like PETA30 say, “This discount coupon is not applicable for this plan.” Hmmm… there must be a minimum order requirement.

Want wine with that meal? Winc Wine Club ships exciting wines from small, sustainable vineyards to your door from $13 per bottle. We also have a $25 coupon!

Q. Is there a Purple Carrot student discount? As of now, there is no specific discount or gift code for students. However, “students of life” are all welcome to use the coupons above for up to a $30 first-time discount on a subscription!

Free Box:

When you join Purple Carrot, you can earn a free box to send to a friend after 4 deliveries. Just log in and click, “share a box,” and you’ll see how close you are to earning a free box:

purple carrot free box promotion

That’s a pretty fun promotion, right?

Why Try Purple Carrot?

There’s a revolution happening, and people are going vegetarian and vegan for myriad reasons. If you’ve been thinking about trying Purple Carrot, there’s never been a better time! When you use one of the coupons or discount codes above, you’ll get up to $30 off your first order. That means you can try 2-3 of their plant-based meals yourself for around $50.

We signed up for Purple Carrot, so definitely check out our review. Curious about other meal delivery services? We also have coupons for Home Chef, BistroMD, and Diet-to-Go, plus wellness programs like Noom, which you can try for free this month!

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