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Purple Carrot Discount Codes, Coupons, Promotions • Nov. 2020

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Eating more plants is good for you and the planet! Purple Carrot (our review!) is a leading plant-based meal-delivery service and a convenient way to cook up super-tasty and healthy vegetarian and vegan meals.

Speaking of being “green,” we can save you some green with our Purple Carrot coupons and promo codes for up to a $30 first-time discount on the cost of any subscription! Plus, after you join you can earn a free box to send to a friend. Here are today’s best discounts and promotions for Purple Carrot:

Purple Carrot Coupons: Best Now | How to Use | Free Box

Top Purple Carrot Coupons & Discount Codes Now:

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    (Wow!) Ends 12/01/20

    First order discount. Get promo code:

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    New customers. Click for promo code:

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    *First-time discount. Get promo code:

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    First-time discount. Get promo code:

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    New accounts. Click for promo code: 

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    Click for Purple Carrot discount code! 

First, some inspiration. Interested in Purple Carrot? Use a coupon!

Using a Coupon or Gift Code:

How do you get a discount at PurpleCarrot.com? There are two ways to get a discount at PurpleCarrot.com: clicking a promotional link or by using a promo code. Here’s how each method for saving works:

1. Promotional Link / Banner:

Purple Carrot is doing a lot of advertising lately, and a lot of the ads feature coupons for $20-25 off. And, while browsing on their site, you might also notice a pop-up coupon like this:

purple carrot coupon 25

Just clicking either of these links or banners will apply the advertised coupon to your shopping cart. After you click through, you’ll come to a landing page that shows the discount like this:

purple carrot discount tb12 applied

You’ll also notice the discount itemized on the payment screen of checkout. The second method of getting a discount is by using a promo code.

2. Promo code:

You may have gotten a code from the radio, a podcast, Tom Brady’s TB12, (he partnered with Purple Carrot) or from a site like Wonky Pie. If so, you can enter it on the payment screen of checkout. Here’s how:

Just find where it says, Apply a discount or gift code under your order total and enter the code there. Click apply, and you should see your savings listed next to, “Your first box discount” like this:

purple carrot apply discount gift code

Discount code not working? I test all of the codes I post on this page, and I notice that a few of the ones I found on coupon sites don’t work! I also notice that codes for $30-off like PETA30 say, “This discount coupon is not applicable for this plan.” Hmmm… there must be a minimum order requirement.

Want wine with that meal? Winc Wine Club ships exciting wines from small, sustainable vineyards to your door from $13 per bottle. We also have a $25 coupon!

Free Box:

Does Purple Carrot have a promotion for free boxes? Yes! When you join Purple Carrot, you can earn a free box to send to a friend after 4 deliveries. Just log in and click, “share a box,” and you’ll see how close you are to earning a free box:

purple carrot free box promotion

That’s a pretty fun promotion, right?

Why Try Purple Carrot?

There’s a revolution happening, and people are going vegetarian and vegan for myriad reasons. If you’ve been thinking about trying Purple Carrot, there’s never been a better time! When you use one of the coupons or discount codes above, you’ll get up to $30 off your first order. That means you can try 2-3 of their plant-based meals yourself for around $50.

We signed up for Purple Carrot, so definitely check out our review. Curious about other meal delivery services? We also have coupons for Home Chef, BistroMD, Adam & Eve, and Diet-to-Go, plus wellness programs like Noom, which you can try for free this month!


What is the best Purple Carrot coupon code? 🤑

Currently the discount code PURPLE30 for $30 off is best!

Can You Get a free box?

You earn a free box to send to a friend after your 4th delivery!

Is Purple Carrot a good deal?

When you use the coupon you can try 2 dinners (for 4) for about $50. That’s an inexpensive, fun way to try it out!

Is there a student discount?

There is no Purple Carrot student discount, but all “students of life” are welcome to use the $25-30 off coupons!

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