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LegalZoom Will & Trust Cost + 20% Off Coupon • 2024

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LegalZoom offers comprehensive and inexpensive estate planning with legally-binding wills and trusts at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer which can be incredibly expensive. Whether you want to protect your loved ones with a last will and testament, living trust, or a living will, LegalZoom has you covered.

I can’t think of a better investment for your peace of mind than buying an inexpensive will or trust from LegalZoom. So, how much does a LegalZoom will cost? That depends on the type of will and optional features you need.

Here’s the new LegalZoom will and trust pricing plus coupons to get the best deal:

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LegalZoom Will & Trust Coupons, Referral Codes:

You can save on the cost of a will at when you use a coupon or promo code. However, few codes work sitewide and are intended only for certain products. Here are our featured coupons for LegalZoom wills and trusts:

LegalZoom Last Will Cost:

Name beneficiaries and assign guardians for your children with a state-specific last will document from Legal Zoom. Here is the pricing for a last will from

legalzoom last will cost
  • Basic Last Will: $89 – Personalized DIY state-specific will
  • Comprehensive Last Will: $99 – The features of Basic will + 2 weeks of legal advice
  • Estate Plan Bundle: $249 (save $100+) – Includes last will, financial power of attorney, and living will + 1 year of legal advice

*There are additional fees for features like adding a spouse or professional document printing. The cost of legal advice renews unless canceled.

Everyone with property, wealth, or children should have a last will in place. That’s because without a will it will likely be up to state-appointed lawyers to decide how to distribute your estate and name guardians for your children!

Grab a coupon then view last will pricing and learn more at

LegalZoom Living Will Cost:

Take control of your own health care and end-of-life decisions such as life support preferences with a living will. Here is the new pricing for a living will from Legal Zoom:

legalzoom living will cost
  • Basic Living Will: $39 – Personalized DIY state-specific living will
  • Comprehensive Living Will: $49 – Living will + 2 weeks legal advice
  • Estate Plan Bundle: $249 – Living will, last will, financial power of attorney + 1 year of legal advice

*There are additional fees for options like adding a spouse, power of attorney, or having documents professionally printed and mailed. The cost of professional legal advice will renew unless canceled.

Tip: Use a promo code, then learn more and see living will price and options at

Legal Zoom Living Trust Pricing:

Name your beneficiaries and assign guardians for your children with a living trust. Here is the current cost of a LegalZoom living trust:

legal zoom living trust cost
  • Basic Living Trust: $279 – DIY personalized living trust
  • Comprehensive Living Trust: $299 – Adds 2 weeks of legal advice after purchase
  • Estate Plan Bundle: $399 (save $150+) Includes living trust, financial power of attorney, and living will + 1 year of legal advice

*Additional fees for features such as adding a spouse. The cost of legal advice will be renewed unless you cancel.

To get the best price on a Living trust from LegalZoom, be sure to use a coupon code!

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Last Will or Living Trust: Which Is Best For You?

Not sure whether you need a will or trust? LegalZoom has created this helpful video to help you decide.

Where There’s a Will…

LegalZoom is an affordable way to buy personalized, legally binding estate planning documents including wills or trusts with optional legal advice from professionals. If you do purchase a LegalZoom will or trust, I hope we were able to save you significant money and get you the best price with our referral code!

Remember, nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes. We also have exclusive coupons for brands like Vistaprint plus TurboTax here.

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