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Weight Watchers Weigh-In: Week 21

Weight Watchers Meeting Weigh-In Week 21 – Sometimes it seems like I can’t possibly eat all the food I am able to on Weight Watchers and still lose weight. Since this time last week I had my Georgetown cupcake, a piece of cake at a Baptism party, a lemon bar at a church picnic and some light Edy’s ice cream. I also had LOTS of veggies, fruit, lean proteins, whole grains, oh and at least one meal of McDonald’s while still traveling.

Though sometimes I want to eat for eating sake, I am rarely hungry. This week I towed the line a bit – I used all my weekly points and most of my activity points too. But I tracked everything and managed my portions as well.

So what did this week do?

-6.2 Pounds
62.2 lbs Lost to Date

Um, whoa. One thing that was different was my new Fitbit. I was not going to splurge on this much coveted technology and was using a step tracker app on my phone. That worked, so long as I constantly had my phone in my pocket, however as soon as it was in a purse, cart, on my desk, etc it stopped being accurate. I wanted a Fitbit for a while and an off hand comment to my friend Kelly led me to her sending me her extra Fitbit One!

So now I have the technology and I sure do love watching those steps go up. Even on days that I don’t get to work out I find myself trying to get my numbers higher. It is a great motivator for me and I know that likely has a lot to do with this good week.

It always is encouraging to have gotten completely past a bump in the road and be in new weight loss territory again. And I am out of the 290s! And some simple math says that with 62 lbs lost I likely around 1/3 of the way done with the weight I need to lose.

This is assume a goal weight of about 160. I haven’t really talked final numbers with myself, Weight Watchers or my Dr yet, mostly because it is so far away, but still, I am a third of the way there! (The weigh there?)

Down Down Down!

I realize however that there is a more powerful image for the weight I have lost right now – E1. He hovers right around 60lbs. He is at the top of the chart for weight and height (but is not gaining weight just a big kid, the dr isn’t worried FYI…I asked!). Since I have lost 62.2 lbs now I have lost an E1 off my body. How is that for crazy?

It also serves as a great celebratory photo! Also a NSV for this week – last night I was CRANKY! I ate all my points through dinner and had no weeklies left. I wanted to eat bad things, but I went for a 3 mile walk with E2 instead. And then since I had earned some points I had a Skinny Cow Ice Cream cone (Mint Ganache – 4 PP yum). I did not eat all the things and I earned the points to have a treat. I also stopped at just one treat.

I love happy weigh in weeks. I didn’t get to attend a WW meeting (coupon) so I am hoping to visit Friday’s meeting to get myself in gear for this week, but my weigh in was great. One step at a time dear Future Prior Fat Friends! We can do this!

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Weight Watchers Meeting Week 20

WW Meeting Week 20: I’m at 20 weeks of Weight Watchers. That is half a pregnancy (or 2/3 of a pregnancy if you are like me). 20 weeks of tracking everyday. 20 weeks of working out. 20 weeks of watching what I eat and counting WW points. There were good days and bad ones. Days I wanted to give up and days that I felt strong.

But here I am 20 weeks in and I have a major milestone to show for it! Here are this week’s results!

-1.4 Pounds
-50.8 lbs Lost to Date!

That’s right I hit the 50lb mark this week. I am thrilled! If you had told me in January that I could be so determined and successful I might have laughed at you. Seriously, 50 lbs in 5 months is impressive I think. Ironically it feels so slow when you are going about it day to day but it adds up quickly.

I know that 50 lbs is just the start of my journey. I have a good 125lbs at least to go, but it is a significant start and I am not about to take that away from me. I am proud of me…not necessarily because I’ve lost the weight, but because I’ve put the WORK in to lose the weight. It takes my effort and it is so affirming to see my hard work pay off on the scale.

So here are some pictures I think we need:

I think I have. And I have more places to get to next! I’m excited to get there but also thankful to be here as well. 50lbs down is a worthy celebration and I want to make sure to sit and feel this pride and success without looking forward to fast to the next milestone.

I want to live in this present while keeping moving toward a future even healthier me. And I’ll get there.

My only remaining big question for the day: How shall I reward my 50lb lost? Pedicure? Shoes? New bag? Something else? Or just the satisfaction of a job well done (certainly cheaper!). What do you think makes for a worthy 50lb reward?

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 9

Weight Watchers Weigh In Week 9: I do love taking a gain from the week before and turning it around. Even though last week’s gain was really a minimal one (.6 lbs) it feels good to have gotten it off and then some. It is funny, some weeks I go into weight Watchers Weigh-in knowing I’ve lost weight – this week I really didn’t know.

I had done well for almost every meal, with one colossal splurge meal on Saturday that was unintended but delicious. I am proud that the splurge didn’t derail me, and I am also proud that I am still dessert free after a week of Lent, despite some near misses (aka, I sort of forgot until just before I ate something, but I remembered in time).

-5 Pounds
-31.2 lbs Lost to Date

It is very nice to hit the 30 pound lost mark. I am starting to get in sight of the 200′s again, and I am really impatient to be there, but I know that I cannot speed up or fight the process. I am also getting extra twitchy to get back to the gym and am determined to go once or twice this week.

*Weight Watchers: 50% Off Sale!

Frankly I need some movement to clear my constantly spinning thoughts and to-do lists. I need an hour just to be and just to move. I don’t know exactly WHEN I will get to the gym or when I will get the new walking shoes that I desperately need, but it has to happen. I am going to try to get there tomorrow after work. Follow up with me people?

A five pound loss is huge of course, and so is having lost 30 pounds since Jan (and nearly 67 since the date of E2′s birth, but that is not really what I am counting). I am happy about it. And yet, there is a part of me that just wants a break, a rest. It isn’t from weight loss efforts, but rather that the weight loss, the job, the two kids, the house, the freelance stuff, the blog all combine into a really busy life.

At my heart I don’t like to be so busy ( I am my mother’s daughter in this point) and I just want to sit quietly for a while. I know that giving up on weight loss is not the answer in the slightest and losing weight and eating healthily helps me immensely. I have no intention of stopping and will continue to press on.

I’ve tried to describe to people what having a second child is like as a working mother (for me at least) and the closest I come up with is finals week in college. Do you remember the almost manic busy-ness that happened in finals week, where every moment was either a test or studying for a test and even when you went to bed to be your brain would swirl with the facts you needed to remember and the things you needed to do? My schedule and life feels like that right now.

Nothing is bad; it is just so busy and it is starting to take a toll on me. I know adding the gym will help quiet my brain, as well as taking time for self-care. I just need to do it, to give it a priority on my to-do list just like the errands, the work, tracking ww points, the kids, etc. (Cleaning should also be on that list, but something has got to give! lol)

So in summary : yay! 5 pounds, 30+ pounds, life is good on Weight Watchers. Now don’t mind me while I take a 20 minute nap under my desk over lunch.

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Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 11

Weight Watchers Weigh In Week 11 – Wednesday’s always seem to come up so fast (as opposed to Fridays which take forever). It was another weigh in day today. I wondered how it would go. I try not to weigh in during the week. My scale at home seems consistently higher than the one at Weight Watchers meetings (like 2-3 lbs higher) and if I weigh in everyday it makes me crazy.

It works far better for me to take each week at a time, there is grace in not knowing where in the general daily and weekly fluctuations I am. Ultimately I don’t really care if I weigh in a pound higher on any given day so long as my over all trend is in the right direction. There is peace and balance in a little distance from the scale. (Though I do weigh myself once or twice a week occasionally)

All that is good, but it does leave me heading into weigh in with a certain amount of blissful/maddening ignorance. I know if I have tracked my Weight Watchers points and if I have mostly stayed within my WW points, but bodies are weird and what we expect isn’t always what we get.

Today I had no clue. I went to a later meeting due to a work conflict, but I skipped breakfast (I normally eat after my meeting) to keep my normal pattern of weigh in intact. I was pleasantly surprised with my number however.

-3.8 Pounds
39 lbs Lost to Date

Another solid week. I find myself getting into the pattern of not using my weekly points except for one giant splurge meal – typically eaten out – sometime on the weekend. I think since it ends up on the weekend I have enough time to regain a little bodily equilibrium before weigh in. I can hydrate and still eat within my points on the remaining days of the week.

I am not sure if this pattern would work for everyone but knowing I get to indulge helps me stay on track most of the rest of the time. Conscious indulgences also mean I make conscious decisions to make good choices the rest of the time too. Plus since they are often out and mostly with friends or family it is a nice social time where food doesn’t need to be micro managed.

Friend’s ww weigh-in on Reddit

I do find it a little funny – the Weight Watcher’s computer has started yelling at me because my weight loss is too fast. I am not sure what to tell the computer since I eat all my points.  I think the fact that I am nursing/pumping has a lot to do with a faster metabolism for me, as well as the fact that I am still quite large and have a lot of weight to lose.  I eat my nursing points religiously as well.

So I am going to ignore the Weight Watchers computer because I am doing the program the way it says I should.   Also it is funny that what seems fast to the computer still feels slow to me (though I know it is fast, and faster than it went last time, at least so far).

I am continuing to find moments of self care which is helping my mood immensely.  I am even taking a personal day tomorrow to do some cleaning around the house and clear out the clutter there (and hopefully in my head too).  In addition I am slowly carving out some gym time.  It is so hard for me to give myself that time, but I always feel better when I do.  E1 is on Spring Break next week so I am uncertain still about what the week holds, but I know that I’ll be able to weather it.

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Weight Watchers Weigh-In: Week 10

Weight Watchers Weigh In Week 10: 10 weeks, 10% of weight loss.

That’s right I reached my 10% loss at Weight Watchers this week. There are a whole host of health benefits that come from losing even just a bit of weight but just look at the benefits of losing 10%.

Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing diabetes risk, improving sleep apnea = all good things in my book. Plus there is mental power in saying I lost 10% of my weight – ESPECIALLY when I have so much weight to lose.

Consider: if you weigh 200 lbs, 10% is 20lbs which can seem like a LOT. When you are over 340 when you begin then losing 10% seems even more daunting. That is why reaching it is all the more powerful.

To do it in 10 weeks seems amazing- that means I’ve lost roughly 1% a week since I began!

So this week’s results:

-4.0 Pounds
35.2 lbs Lost to Date

10% of body weight lost!

I had a realization this week of something that is true for me and perhaps you as well. I know that I will have times where I slip up and eat more than my daily points or my weekly points. When I track the slip up, even after the fact, I stop the spiral. By tracking with Weight Watchers, the unintended eating I regain control over it and I am able to make better choices again.

If I don’t track WW points I am far more likely to guilt eat my way to the next weigh in. I had a couple unintended eating episodes this week where I ate more than planned, or less well than planned. I tracked them all with the Weight Watchers app and at the end of the week I still had weekly WW points left over. I know tracking them helped me stay aware of the big picture!

I also think that my Lenten discipline of “No Desserts” has had a benefit. I still have a bit of sugar – in coffee or trapped in other foods, but the lack of chocolate, baked goods, and sweet treats has helped me stay on track. It limits my snacking abilities, especially in the evening, and it almost always leads to better choices. That being said, I am looking forward to a little Easter Candy on Easter Sunday!

I am also pleased that I got two training walks in for the 3 Day this week, and I bought some new shoes. It felt good to dedicate those times to working out and I was clearer headed for it. It is a little disheartening because I feel so out of shape and I am SO sore the day or two after a workout. Practice makes progress though, so I’m going to keep trying. Now if Spring would come so I can walk outside with the baby things will get even better.

Ultimately I just need to do what I can, when I can. I am going to look into a walking DVD that I can do at home too. I am not yet sure WHEN I would squeeze that in, but it will be good to have on hand for working out when I can. Anyone have any favorites?

Weight Watchers Weigh-In: Week 4

Weight Watchers Weigh-In Week 4 – It happened. I had a gain. To be fair I was not at all surprised, not because I didn’t track WW points or do well this week, but I know that my body needs to adjust after each chunk of weight loss. Losing 16 lbs in 3 weeks is a large amount at a fast pace. I am not surprised that I gained this week, and to be fair, I think this is a situation where the numbers on the scale are misleading at best. I will explain but first the results:

+1.2 Pounds
14.8 lbs Lost to Date

For the week I ate within my points with one exception – a date for sushi on Monday night with Mr. Goat. I tracked as best I could after the fact, though sushi is so hard for me to figure out the points too, but the reality was that I enjoyed the food and the company and didn’t worry too much about how much I ate that day. It was nice to simply be in the moment.  

I could feel guilty about that, but I don’t. Like I said I did go back and track it, but I don’t really know if I did it successfully or not. Nevertheless, I don’t think the pound gain is because of one night of sushi, rather I think it is a combination of water, sodium, exhaustion, stress, inflammation, and a body that is confused about its sudden drop in caloric indulgence.

I am not surprised and really I am not that disappointed. I tracked. I worked at it. And my journey from last time reminds me that there are weeks that will be out of my control even when my food is in control. Weight is technically “calories in/calories out” except that often it doesn’t balance out in real time. So instead of freaking out, or getting sad, I am just going to shrug and make sure I keep on track this week so that my body can adjust to this new normal.

It says a lot of how much I’ve grown in this journey though that today I could have a gain, eat and track a BBQ lunch provided at work (yes to brats, no to bun, no to chips, yes to broccoli slaw and fruit), turn down birthday cake and feel good about all of it. I have other thoughts on the matter, but I want to write a full post on those to come out later, hopefully tonight.

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