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3 Candid Coupons Promo Codes: $76 Off Starter Kit

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Candid has established itself as one of the leading at-home teeth straightening companies. Save thousands of dollars over traditional braces while still getting bi-weekly supervision from an orthodontist that other clear aligner brands like Byte and Smile Direct don’t offer. That’s the difference with Candid!

If you’re thinking of trying Candid Co, the first step is to order the Starter kit. The good news is that they just dropped their prices. Plus, we have discount codes and promotions for an extra $75+ off the Candid starter kit and aligners. Here are today’s best deals:

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Best Candid Coupon Codes Now:

candid featured coupon
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Starter Kit: $76 Off!
1. Candid starter kit $95 $19 + free shipping. Click for a 30-second assessment and...Show More
1. Candid starter kit $95 $19 + free shipping. Click for a 30-second assessment and get promo code at Show Less
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Whitening: $250 Off!
2. $599 $349. Professional grade Phillips Zoom Whitening kit with custom trays...Show More
2. $599 $349. Professional grade Phillips Zoom Whitening kit with custom trays. Learn more: Show Less
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Starter Kit: $75 Off
3. Valid towards purchase of starter kit or aligners at home or Candid Studio. Get...Show More
3. Valid towards purchase of starter kit or aligners at home or Candid Studio. Get discount code: Show Less

How to Get the Best Deal on Candid

Don’t overpay when you sign up at Follow these steps to get the best deal on the Candid starter kit, treatment, and aligners:

  1. Check if your insurance covers Candid
  2. Start with this promotion
  3. You’ll get $250 off aligners in studio or $75+ off the Candid starter kit
  4. Take photos and make your impressions, then send back the starter kit
  5. Choose “one payment” or finance for 6 months or fewer to avoid paying interest
  6. You can also Refer a friend for a free starter kit and a $100 Amazon gift card!

While the featured discount is usually the best deal, you can compare the savings against another coupon code to confirm.

Compare Candid Discount Codes:

The best deal on Candid usually doesn’t require a coupon code. However, if you do have a code, I recommend comparing the savings against their on-site promotion. Here’s how to compare coupon codes:

  1. Click on this promotion to apply the featured discount
  2. Choose “Get started at home”
  3. Click “Buy your starter kit” and begin checkout
  4. If a code is listed above the subtotal click “remove”
  5. Type in your code and then click “apply” to compare discounts
remove discount code candid
Click to remove coupon code
enter candid discount code
Enter another code and click “apply” to compare

Then, just use whichever code yields the best discount. Remember,if you order the starter kit there’s no commitment to buy aligners, and if you aren’t a good candidate you’ll get a full refund.

Now, let’s talk about those Candid coupon codes on

Candid Philips Whitening Coupon:

candid philips whitening coupon

Why is Philips Zoom Whitening superior? Candid custom whitening trays provide full coverage of the whitening gel on your teeth, ensuring that no surface is left untouched. This makes for a more comfortable whitening experience and better results.

View the current Whitening promotion at

Candid Discount Codes on Reddit:

Tip: I recommend that you avoid discount codes on Reddit. A lot of people post referral codes on hoping to get a $100 Amazon gift card bonus from Candid for the referral, but they are mostly clickbait!

Skip Reddit, as you’ll find a better discount with our featured offer.

Candid Military Discount

Candid offers a special discount for active-duty military, but right now the featured discount is actually just as good. To learn more about the military discount you’ll need to have a copy of your military ID, then reach out to your treatment plan coordinator.

Why Choose Candid?

A lot of people like the idea of straightening their teeth at home, but without professional supervision, it can be scary.

That’s why CandidCo has become very popular lately. They combine at-home teeth straightening with regular check-ins with an actual orthodontist, not just lab techs or a dentist.

Candid is a great choice that combines the benefits of seeing an orthodontist with the savings of straightening your teeth at home. and your insurance may cover some of the expenses.

So, however you choose to straighten your teeth, good luck! A straighter smile is an amazing investment in your appearance and self-confidence. Get started with the promotion here!

Tip: Not sold on Candid? We also have coupons for Byte and Smile Direct Club!