I’m Surrounded

I am trying a new idea to stay on top of my health – mental and physical. I call it the Surrounded method. That is, I am surrounding myself with the things that lead to a better life for me. This involves food certainly – I went to the store today just to stock up work with fresh fruit, some lunch options and snacks (skinny pop pre-portioned bags, fiber one bars, baby bel’s) so I have no excuse to make bad choices. And I always have something that I can eat on hand.

I purchased a water tumbler that can live at work that is dedicated to my water. Hopefully I can boost my water intake again. I have not been feeling Plant nanny lately and have been slacking on the water department. That needs to turn around, so I am making water as easy as possible.

I have my “happy light” as I call it on my desk at work, ready for 45 minutes each morning. The days I had it last week were productive ones, the two days this weekend I didn’t use it (because I forgot it AT work) I struggled more. My not-so-scientific study of the light so far is that it seems to be making a difference. I am glowing!

Most importantly however I am surrounding myself with people who love me and have my back: Mr. Goat, my kids, my friends. I am making time and effort into seeing friends and catching up – in fact I saw friends on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday this weekend, and I still got my work done.

Don’t get me wrong, things still seem hard. I am still tired (I cannot wait to surround myself with covers tonight), but I feel a bit stronger every day. Now to tackle this gym block I seem to have developed!