Reset Button?

Time for the reset button. This weekend was a great one, except for eating. There was lots of great food and that was the problem. Yes, I was tired and stressed and at parties/out to eat, but the food was my own choice. I chose indulgence this weekend. It felt so good and easy at the time.

Now, however I am feeling overly full from a weekend of indulgence. I am bloated, sore and the food doesn’t feel as good on this side of the choices.

2.5 days of eating what sounded good is not the end of the world, but it is important to have it stay there and move away from the permissive eating of the weekend. Luckily the beauty of weight watchers is that there is always a reset button. There is always a new choice and opportunity to make better ones.

Sometimes I am alarmed how easily I am led astray by the thought of delicious food – especially desserts and free meals. Many days I am very strong and can pass up things with ease. Other times it seems impossibly difficult. And once I do give in it is even harder to stop.

You don’t lose 100 lbs though without having some strength of character so I have to remember that. I think I am going to detox the sugar intake this week. I don’t have any parties or events in the next week so it should be light on the temptation side.

I feel sheepish. I had a gain last week and an indulgent weekend this week. I don’t seem to have good focus lately. Is that the lack of sleep? The busy schedule? The stress?

Whatever it is, it has to stop. I am better than this.

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