Torani Sugar Free Syrups Review and Giveaway

Nearly 4 years ago I gave up soda entirely. In those four years I have had a Sprite in a kiddie cocktail a few times when I was pregnant, and some ginger ale to soothe my stomach, but I have not had any real soda for soda’s sake since. It was not an easy transition but a good one for me.

I did not however give up caffeine, because I am a mom of young kids and there are only so many bad habits I can fix at one time. Enter two of my staples: coffee and tea.

My favorite however is coffee. Everyday a cup of coffee or some iced coffee keeps me going. Sometimes it is from Starbucks, sometimes it is from Caribou, and sometimes it is from my house or from work. The problem with coffee shop coffee is the price. The problem with my own coffee (at home or work) is that it doesn’t taste nearly as good. It lacks the mix-ins.

I like some dairy in my coffee, but I also like some sweetness. Going with real sugar in my coffee can be dangerous because it makes me crave sugar throughout the day, especially if I am having coffee with breakfast like normal. SO, enter Torani Sugar Free Syrups. I had looked at getting these before to help curb my coffee shop addiction but hadn’t pulled the trigger when I was contacted with a chance to review them and to give some away.


They sent me three Sugar Free Syrups to try: Vanilla, Caramel, and Raspberry. I was expecting small bottles but I got the giant coffee house size!

The first one I tried was the Vanilla since my go to splurge is a skinny vanilla latte. That came to live with me at work. It goes into my work coffee daily, and even into my tea if it needs a bit of sweetness. What I like is that it is not too vanilla-y but it lends sweetness and fragrance to the coffee. I would like to add it to an espresso sometime, but given that coffee is what I have then it works with that.

I have even been known to get a latte unsweetened (cheaper) and bring it back to work for sweetener. I also love that I can just as much as I need. I find most of the coffee places add WAY too much and I do better with about half of the quantity. It works perfectly for me.

The second one I tried was Caramel – this lives at home where I can put it in coffee but I can also put it in some hot chocolate with a bit of salt for a salted caramel hot chocolate – made with skim milk it is a reasonable treat for me, especially when it was cold out. One of the reasons I like this one is that it is not a burnt caramel flavor. Some of the coffee shops have really nasty Sugar free caramels, but the Torani one is not bitter.

Finally I tried the Raspberry. I am rarely a raspberry syrup fan and don’t think I have anything to compare it to in my beverage drinking world but it is really delicious. I don’t mix this with coffee, but I do get unsweetened sparkling water and put a few pumps into that to make it fruity and delicious. Sometimes I add a few real raspberries as well. It will serve me well as a mix-in for lemonade, sparkling water and possibly even cocktails this summer especially.

Aside from the flavors there are a few things I like about them. One I already mentioned is that I can control how much I put in. I often find I need less than I think I do and it really has reduced my sweetener habit. Two, I like that it is made with Splenda and not Aspertame. It may be a minor thing in terms of the sugar free sweeteners but it goes a long way in my book. Of course if they made one with stevia then I would be all over that as well.

In a world where I choose my food battles, I am not at a point to give up sweetening my coffee and with the syrups available I don’t feel like I have to give them up but I can have some control over it. My budget is happy that I spend less at Starbucks too. (Of course now I have my eye on the Sugar Free English Toffee)

Would you like to try some Torani Sugar Free Syrups? They have generously provided me with TWO 3-packs of the syrups to give away. Follow the rafflecopter below to enter

I was provided the syrups free to review, however all views expressed are my own.  In addition, I was given the giveaway items but since I am shipping myself this giveaway will be limited to the United States.  The giveaway will be open until 5/5/15 at midnight.