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Smile Direct Club Before & After Photos, Results, Transformation Pics!

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Smile Club Direct Results, Before & After Pics: Are you thinking of getting clear aligners or braces? If so, you probably already know that Smile Direct Club is the #1 name in direct-to-consumer orthodontics. You also probably know that Smile Direct Club can save you over 50% on the cost, especially when you use their coupon for new customers.

Thousands of customers use Smile Direct to help straighten their teeth every year, and many of them post photos of their results online. We spent a lot of time finding some of the best transformation pics and posted them on this page. (We also put together a page full of Byte before and after pics, which is another top brand for clear aligners.)

Smile Direct Club Before & After Pics:

Here are our favorite Smile Direct Club before and after photos from real customers for your inspiration!

Before & After: Kasey

smile direct club before and after kasey picture

I still have a little while to go, but this is a before and almost 7 months of using smiledirectclub. If you are looking for an affordable way to straighten your teeth (and all from home) I highly recommend giving them a try!

Before & After Results: Kevin

smile direct before after man

Wow, even his beard looks better after using Smile Direct Club! (Related?)

Smile Direct Before & After Pic of Teeth:

smile direct before after teeth caldred

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Customers Share Before & After Photos

Real customers talk about Smile Direct Club and talk about their experience:

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Before & After: Cara #SmileDirectClub

smile direct club before and after cara pic

“For the longest time, I was insecure with my smile. I would angle the camera, and my face, a certain way. I wouldn’t take pics if I wasn’t the one taking it. Lol I knew what I needed to do to hide my flaws. I thought I would never be able to do anything about it. I would never be able to afford it, blah blah. I watched Smile Direct Club for about 5 years, and one day I decided to stop being skeptical. I had had enough of the hiding. Someone once told me people make big moves when there is enough pain or happiness. I was tired of the pain and insecurities.

To my surprise, I could afford this process because they did a small price in the beginning and then small monthly payments. It was so convenient, even for a single mom! The starter kit came in the mail and I simply sent my impressions back. My process has been easy, fast, convenient, and exciting! Each week I could see a difference and I was so ready to see the final outcome, and I couldn’t be happier!! I highly recommend giving smile direct club a try!” 

Before & After: Jaye (Mind the Gap!)

smile direct club before and after jaye photo

Gap and some crowding issues: Next month is my final month with SmileDirectClub aligners! Let’s just say I’m a Smile Direct Club happy customer

Ondraya: Before and After Smile Direct

before and after smile direct club pic

Her selfies aren’t straight, but at least her teeth are! Ondraya said goodbye to the gap in her front teeth in 6 months with Smile Direct.

Before & After Results, Overbite:

smile direct before after photos

Wow! It’s amazing what a difference a smile can make. Check out how straight those teeth are in the “after” photo.

Smile Direct Club Before & After: Megan

smile direct club 100 off

Before & After Smile: Bryan, Overcrowding

smile direct club before and after bryan teeth

How long did this smile transformation take? Smile Direct Club tells customers that results can take 3-12 months. I have to assume these results took some time, but it was worth it!

Smile DIrect Fixed Danica’s Overbite:

Danica stopped hiding her smile after fixing her overbite and overcrowding. Congrats on the dramatic transformation!

More Smile Direct Club Before & After Photos:

Here are more inspiring before and after pics from Smile Direct customers. We’ll keep adding new photos as we find them on Instagram! Click any photo to view larger:

Draymond Green: Before & After

There are a number of celebrities and athletes who use SmileDirect Club. Here’s NBA star Draymond Green’s testimonial:

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Before & After: Laura, Overcrowding

smile direct club before and after photo laura

After 6 months I’m so excited to show off my new smile!! Thank you smiledirectclub for making a perfect smile so easy. #smiledirectclub

Before & After Pics on Instagram:

Smile Direct Club holds contests every month for the best transformation photos. It’s open to all customers who are asked to tag #SmileDirectClub and other tags like #TransformationThursday. The winner gets their aligners for free!

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Those before and after pics show some some impressive and drastic changes!

*Smile Club Direct has more customer photos on their site under, “results!”

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More Before & After Photos Coming Soon!

Customers upload pictures of their results with Smile Direct every week, so we’ll be on the lookout for more great transformation photos.

In the meantime, they have a great offer for new customers: Free Impression Kit + $100 Off in case you are interested. It starts with a free 30-second assessment to see if you qualify.

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