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Noom Testimonials: Meet 7 Women Who Say, “It Works!”

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User testimonials for Noom Coach: Noom is a hot weight loss program that has been called, “WW for millennials.” But, is it right for you?

No single diet or wellness program is best for every person’s needs. Before starting any weight loss plan, you have to ask whether it fits your personality, lifestyle, and goals.

So, if you’re thinking about joining Noom, it’s not only good to read reviews, see before and after pics, and search for coupons, but it also helps to hear from real Noom users about their experiences and results.

Here are 7 Noom testimonials to inspire you:

# 1: Jennifer

Jennifer has been using Noom for about 5 weeks. After having 3 kids, it’s been hard to get rid of 10 pounds of baby weight. Here’s her testimonial about why the Noom app worked for her.

#2: Audrey

Audrey is in her 30’s. She has 2 young kids, a fitness background, and a motivation problem! Here’s how the app has already helped her to lose 12 pounds, and why she’s excited about Noom:

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#3. Cherise

Cherise is a mom and a wife. She tends to be “all or nothing” with goals, so Noom’s small, attainable wellness goals should help keep her on track. She’s just starting Noom, but feels that it’s a good fit for her lifestyle and personality. Here’s her Noom testimonial about why she believes that Noom works:

#4. Denise:

Denise has tried a lot of other diets, and they haven’t worked long-term for her. She’s only been using Noom for a week, but has already lost 7 pounds. Here’s what she thinks of the program so far:

#5. Laura:

Laura is 60, and has tried every diet out there. Now, she’s using Noom, and it’s working great for her. She loves the support and knowledge of the program, and now finally understands how to live healthier. Here’s why the diet fits her lifestyle:

#6. Elicia:

Elicia has struggled with weight loss since her second baby. She’s been using Noom for 2 months, and feels “awesome.” Here’s why: (Moved here)

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#7. Bethany:

Bethany tried diet shakes, pills, and exercise without success. Now, Noom is teaching her the right way to lose weight, and motivating her to get through plateaus. She’s lost 15 pounds so far!

Bonus: Montage of a Few More Positive Noom Testimonials:

If you grew up in the 80’s, then you appreciate a good montage! Here are some highlights of what some more women say in their testimonials for Noom:

In Conclusion…

Ok, hopefully those seemingly honest Noom testimonials are helpful in deciding whether their diet wellness program might work for you.

Try Noom’s free evaluation!

Tip: If you are considering joining, be sure to check if any coupon codes are available to save you big at signup!

Not sold 100% on Noom? I recommend that you consider WW (coupons), which is similar and very highly rated. If DIY isn’t your thing, then maybe consider Nutrisystem (reviews, sign up deals). It’s a favorite meal delivery diet of busy people who don’t like to cook and do well with structure.

Have you tried Noom? If so, please drop us a line with a link to your own video testimonial.